Template:Wood New Zombie Wood, also known as Green Wood, is a relatively rare wood that is found exclusively in the Swamp. This is one of the most expensive woods in the game, with a price slightly greater than that of Lava Wood and less than Cavecrawler Wood. It is very inefficient to farm, as it is hard to obtain in large amounts, relating to the fact that trailer attachments are usually incapable of reaching the Swamp. Zombie Wood is commonly used as a wood to fill Blueprints, due to its green color.

Template:HeadingA Zombie Wood is a shade of dark green and pops out from its surroundings. It usually bends over like that of Cavecrawler Wood, except it grows far shorter. Many players do not know it exists, due to the concealment of the Swamp. The plank is a brighter shade of green than the log. Many beginner players get confused with Zombie Wood being more expensive than Gold Wood.

Template:HeadingA Obtaining this type of wood is moderately difficult. Most players usually use the Safari Mountain Passage located in the Safari. However, you cannot bring your vehicle this way, as the start of the path is on top of a wall. There is also another method of getting to the swamp, namely using the Rock Bridge. The rock bridge, when blown up, creates a path towards The Swamp Cavern, which is the entrance to the swamp. The path is large enough for vehicles but requires precise manoeuvres as there are tight turns. Most of the time, this method is only one-way, most likely due to the short despawn timer of the Rock Bridge.

Despite not many players knowing about this, there is actually another way to access the swamp. The Swamp Cavern is located on a cliff near the main biome, and many players can see the cavern from their land. In a video by Heath Haskins, it was proven that it is possible for players to reach the Swamp Cavern using long planks to climb up the cliffs, similar to how long planks are used to complete the Lava Cavern for the Green Box. It is actually theoretically possible for vehicles to access the swamp using this planking method.

Zombie wood is quite difficult to chop, so it is recommended to use a Hardened Axe or better.

File:ROBLOX- Lumber Tycoon 2 - How to get Zombie Trees!

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