Wood is the main source of Money and materials. There are many different types of wood, each with its own unique characteristics and value.

You gain logs (not processed wood) by cutting trees (uncut wood coming from the ground) with axes. To sell wood you must drag it to the Wood Dropoff on the right side of the Wood R Us store. You can also turn the logs into planks (processed wood)to get a higher selling price if you have a sawmill and to fill blueprints. Logs CANNOT fill in blueprints, only planks.

Trees will die after a set period of time. A tree that is close to dying is easily recognizable by the loss of leaves that occurs shortly prior to death. When trees die they turn black and it is no longer possible to cut or move the branches of the tree. Dead trees de-spawn quickly after they fall apart.

Not chopping or claiming (pressing "E") a tree for a while will lose your ownership and also make it disappear or wait until another player claims it. When you leave the game, logs you cut will be left unclaimed even if it is on your land.
File:RobloxScreenShot11242015 225556426.png

Trees that are about to die lose their leaves first, such as this one to the right:

For more information about each wood, go to their respective pages.

Name Money/unit log Money/unit plank Plank Color
Elm $0.8 Money $6.5 Money Beige
Snowglow $1 Money $1 Money Plastic Yellow
Oak $1.5 Money $10.6 Money Tan
Walnut $1.2 Money $11 Money Reddish Brown
Cherry $2.1 Money $11 Money Dusty Rose
Birch $2.5 Money $15 Money White
Fir $0.5 Money $19 Money Cream
Pine $0.5 Money $19 Money Cream
Koa $10 Money $25 Money Orangeish Brown
Lava $3.75 Money $28 Money Bright Red
Zombie $4.75 Money $30 Money Green
Cavecrawler $5.1 Money $35 Money Neon Blue
Gold $5.75 Money $36 Money Gold
Palm $5.6 Money $42 Money Vanilla
Spook $16.4 Money $54 Money Gold/Brown-Granite
Sinister $61 Money $135 Money Neon Gold
Phantom $99 Money $440 Money White Foil