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Wire is a type of metallic string that can lead an electric signal generated from a connected Pressure Plate, Button or Lever to activate a connected device or furniture. It can be found at Wood R Us and Link's Logic. It comes in a small light blue-grey box. Wire connects to devices and furniture to activate that furniture or device, if a connected Lever, Button or Pressure Plate is activated then the wire will be activated and send a signal to a device or furniture to activate that device or furniture. When in use, the wire will turn a light blue color, signifying usage. Wire measures a maximum 20 units in length, whereas the Neon Wire has a maximum of 16.


When activated, the wire can trigger anything with the "e" action (except the view action), but most players use it to activate Chop Saw and toggle the direction of Conveyor. Because it can toggle Wall Light, it can possibly lead to the making of computers and screens. Because it can toggle the direction of Conveyor, people can make vending machines or auto sorting systems with the Pressure Plate. The wire can connect to almost anything with a toggle button such a lamps or doors, this could be useful for light switches or opening doors for visitors.

Since the wire is a physical item and but does not glow blue when a power source is applied to it, just a color change, unlike neon wires. Wires may be used as signs, fences, red ball racks, and etc.

Though wire may be cheap, it only has a limited length (~20 studs, to be exact) and can't have any loose objects, planks, players, and walls blocking the wire. Wires can also connect to other wires which can save you a lot of time and money, this also can allow things being activated all over your house or factory with just one switch or button.

If a button is activated and another wire is attached to it, then the wire attached to it will become powered. This can come in handy when powering two items or more at a time.

How to use it

  1. Open the wire box and make the small dot connect to the tiny black button on the lever.
  2. Select the other piece of the wire to connect to something which has an activation button.
  3. If you need to make the wire extended just connect another start with the end of the other wire.

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