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Walnut Wood is a species of Wood that grows only and exclusively in the Safari biome. It is used to fill Blueprints due to its color, though is not commonly sold due to its low money value. A Walnut Tree may take multiple trips to and from its location due to its large size. It is also thick like Lava Wood.

Template:HeadingA The tree grows roughly the same size as an Elm Tree would, with the exception that this tree is shorter and it branches out further, making a wider demand for growth area. The leaves are dark green and are not mixed shades, with a grass texture. Its logs are a mixture of red and brown, appearing to be lighter than Koa Wood.

Template:HeadingA Harvesting this wood is generally easy, but the player must pay $100 to pass the bridge, allowing the player to access the Safari Biome. Once entering the Safari Biome, the player can start harvesting the wood and may begin to transport it back to the player's land area. A Hardened Axe or greater is recommended for cutting. When processing the wood into planks, a Sawmax 01 or better is recommended. Once planked, the tree may be stored for use by blueprints or sold.