Vehicle Hitches ​are attachment points found on vehicular items.

Vehicle Hitches, also mistakenly named "vehicle hatches", are attachment nodes found on every vehicle currently in the game, meaning one is found on the Small Trailer, 531 Hauler, Utility Vehicle, Utility Vehicle XL, Sleigh, and Val's All-Purpose Hauler. The trailer hitches found on the Small Trailer and 531 Hauler are generally larger and are the part of the hitch that overlap.
File:RobloxScreenShot08052016 093420264.png

Hitches function when either a Small Trailer, 531 Hauler, or Sleigh  are physically attached to a rear attachment node of either a running vehicle or the rear of another trailer. Players can click and drag and rotate on vehicle hitches on trailers in order to attach them to another hitch. When it is attached, the connection nodes will overlap. Trailers can also be removed from a hitch connection node if the player toggles the connection node again. The player can move a trailer by holding the trailer hitch if they are standing on the trailer. 

The player can also attach the "Wobblebobble" and "WobblierBobblier" devices to the rear attatchment nodes of vehicles in order to balance the vehicle. While the device is not perfect at preventing a vehicle at flipping, it is surely considered to be helpful by the community.


  • In previous updates, trailers on a saved plot still hitched work no longer function, however, this is currently fixed and the issue has not reappeared.