Template:HeadingA The VIP Room is a very secretive area that disappears almost instantly as your character has loaded in, making it very difficult to get a glimpse of the room. Howhever, rarely, it does keeps at there during the Server Initialization, and disappears around when the numbers on the screen are around 2,5,0. The VIP room is drawn in Tinfoilbot style.

Template:HeadingA Inside the room are a few items, which are thought to be for testing. They are the Stone Axes, Fair Sawmills, Conveyors with conveyor supports, Worklights and a drawings of a car named 'Text' with a red outline.


The only ways of getting into the VIP room are to disconnect at the right moment (when the box is visible during Server Initialization), or use exploits to see the room in a studio version of the game or to glimpse it before it despawns.
File:RobloxScreenShot08202016 123529247.png

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