Template:Store Item The Utility Vehicle is a vehicle which can be purchased at Wood R Us for $400 in-game money. It's current unknown why the truck in the picture on the box has no headlights.

It is the least expensive and most basic vehicle in the game. It can be respawn at the player's base for $8 in-game money. Like all other trucks, trailers can be hitched onto it. This is mostly used by skilled players for volcano running due to its cheap respawn cost in the event their truck flips on the way down. This vehicle is also widely used by new players because of its cheap price and accessibility.  

To respawn the Utility Vehicle, players must hover their mouse over the orange light upon the border of their Utlity Vehicle Respawn Area. When players are respawning the Utility Vehicle, they should not stand inside the borders of the spawning area as it can cause players to be trapped inside the Vehicle. 

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