Template:Store ItemThe Twin bed titled "Bed" in Fancy Furnishings is bought for 350 Money.

The item is initially contained in a brown box with a photo of a twin bed two corresponding sides of the box. It is a loose item until it is unboxed. When unboxed, the player can place the item on their designated land plot similar to how blueprints are placed. The structure of the bed is rectangular, with a white mattress and two white pillows. The sides and the back of the bed are brown in color. There are no visible blankets or sheets that come with the bed. The player currently cannot lay down in beds.

To purchase this item, the user must cross the bridge, provide Seranok with $100 Money and he will respectively lower it, and proceed straight along the pebbled road, turn right on the first split of the road, and proceed into the Safari Shopping District. The player must enter Fancy Furnishings and traverse across the store to the furthest shelf on the right side which holds the Single Bed and Twin Bed. Then the player can then purchase the item and place it anywhere on their land or on whitelisted properties once he/she arrives there.

For some unusual reason, the boxed Twin Bed is considerably the heaviest loose item in the game. The purpose for this is unknown, and it makes the process of transporting it rather difficult for the player.