Tree Leaves are non-collidable cuboids found on the tops of a vast majority of wood types in Lumberland. Certain trees, such as Gold Wood, do not possess leaves. Leaves can come in a variety of colors for a specific tree or remain the same

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Color and Material Edit

Leaves will remain the same size during sapling growth, however, they may change shape or size when the tree's first pair of branches form. Once a tree has fully grown, leaves will cease to grow larger and can only be affected if part of the tree breaks or dies. Zombie Trees have the granite texture on the leaves, Lava Trees have a concrete textured leaves, Cavecrawler Trees have a foil texture on the leaves and Cherry Trees have the pebbles texture on the leaves.

If the branch below a leaf is broken off or the tree dies, in general, all the leaves affected by this will immediately cease to be anchored and will fall through the ground.

You used to be able to grab the leaves as they fell to the ground and put it in the back of your Sawmill to create a glitched plank. But that was patched in a later update.

In certain cases where limbs of the tree fail to load, it can create a "floating" effect on the affected leaves when there is no other actual change.

During the 2016 Halloween event, all trees lost their leaves.