Template:AreaThe Snow Arch, also known as The Big Arch, Coniferous Arch, or Taiga Arch, is a geographic feature located in the Taiga Biome.

The Snow Arch is widely considered the most geographically prominent feature of the Taiga Biome. The Snow Arch connects a large 'island' of rocks to the rest of the surrounding Rocks and Cliffs.

This arch is quite large, although it does not appear to serve any purpose. This arch produces a large shadow, blocking off light below it. It is also a very common spawn place of Spook Wood. The Snow Arch is the only known geographic arch in the game.

The arch could be based off of one of the maps in "Lumber Inc." by Widgeon featuring a large stone arch.

There is a mysterious pit near The Snow Arch.

Photos Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot11242015 185240-685.png
File:RobloxScreenShot11242015 185441-405.png

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