Template:UpdateTemplate:AreaThe Taiga Scaffold is a structure located at the entrance to the Taiga Biome, which was introduced during ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event.

Its purpose is to keep the entrance clear of Boulders that spawn in The Snow Cave, so players don't need to buy Dynamite to blast the boulders in order to access the biome. This allows an easy entrance for players to easily complete the Winter Games challenge.

The Snow Cave, however, did not produce any Boulders during the event, which is strange as it gives no usage to the Taiga Scaffold itself.

The Taiga Scaffold is also featured during the guide on the Winter Games challenge.Template:HeadingAThe Scaffold is made with ROBLOX's plank texture. It has the same color as Wood R Us sign or even the Oak Wood plank.

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