The Taiga Dugout, was introduced in the ROBLOX "Winter Games 2017" Event. Currently, it does not serve any known purpose or function. Due to the dugout's high elevation, one can get a fairly large view of the Ocean Cove and the Taiga Biome. This crater-like region (which, proof confirms, has it's own region file) may likely be a site for a store or new trees of some sort in the future. To locate the dugout, the player must go to the Taiga Mountain Passage, then walk (or drive) all the way up the path until they locate a small, crater-like area.

Template:HeadingA The Taiga Dugout is a rather small valley-like region at the top of the Taiga Mountain Passage. The passage's road creates a very visible sharp turn at the entrance of the dugout, which in turn could result in an inconvenient hazard for vehicles. Protruding from the dugout, is a ledge peering over the Taiga which is currently covered with snow.

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