Template:AreaThe Swamp Rock is a cut-out stone rock found in the Swamp which has a pink stone hidden under it. Currently, not much is known about it except its history. Under the pink rock, there's a small tunnel leading straight into the River Tunnel.

It is located in front of a large 'peninsula' of rocks that jut out, making a bend in the creek. The initial rock is about three players high and five players long. This rock possesses every exterior property as the rest of the surrounding mountainside: Brown overall coloration with a slate material/texture.

Inside the Swamp Rock, upon using shift lock, the player can see a small, three-stud deep hole. Located inside this hole, a noticeably bright glowing pink block is found at the bottom, but does give a strange pink glow, similar to Pink Vehicles. However, it does give off an awkwardly increased amount of steam than the rest of the Swamp. The reason the pink block is pink could be because Defaultio uses the color pink in testing or it is pink because pink is usually the color for things without a texture in games, and areas without texture are areas in testing or areas in development.


Prior to an update somewhere in November 2015, the player could have used Dynamite to blow up the Brown Rock off of the Pink block in order to access this. This was tested and proven to be fixed as of 1/2/2016.

However, during the time the player could access this block, it had some unique attributes. While the block is not affected by Dynamite directly, any loose item that came in contact with this block could not be interacted with anymore, no matter how many times dynamite is used. It is also noted, its pink color that relates to Alpha Axe, although Alpha Axe do not have any effects on this block, nor does the box.

The block was hinted by Defaultio himself months in advance that this might be an underground biome, possibly the very beginning of the River Tunnel, and another aspect of the Boats - Theory.

Accessing The RockEdit

The rock can be found in the Swamp, however, the Pink Block inside it can no longer be accessed by blowing up with dynamite.

  1. Go and stick at the corner. (any corner)
  2. Face yourself, just holding right click until you face yourself and don't move.
  3. Zoom in.

You are now in the Pink Block area!

Also if you still wanna access inside it you can do the wall glitching



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