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The Steel Axe is purchasable at the Wood R Us. However, this axe is infrequently seen because the majority of players often skip this axe. Interestingly, this axe is often used as a "disposable" when venturing to dangerous or unforgiving locations and situations.


Template:HeadingA The Steel Axe is found exclusively in the Wood R Us or obtained from other players. It is located on the same shelf as the Basic Hatchet and the Plain Axe, in the front end of the store.

Template:HeadingA To obtain this axe, simply have $190 money. Drag the axe to the counter and talk to Thom to complete the purchase.

The Steel axe is a moderately decent axe for new players and has a fairly acceptable chop size and speed for the jobs to be completed at the level for those who would have this axe.

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