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The Snowglow Bin, alternatively, the Glowing Fir Bin, was first introduced in the ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, and located on the left side of the Winter Cabin. Its main use is to process Snowglow Wood logs into planks, and then the planks will be used as "Firewood" and warm up the players during the season. To open the Snowglow Bin, hold (left-click) the wooden cover up to the top. To close, do the opposite.

Template:HeadingA It only appears as a tiny portion of the whole Winter Cabin. It has a roof covered with snow, supported by wooden poles, and a bin with a red meter and a wooden cover.

Template:HeadingA The bin is where you put the Snowglow Wood in (it DOES NOT process other wood types). The meter shows how many logs you need to put in the cabin. It rises up when you put a Snowglow log until the arrow reaches the other end of the half-circle. If the meter reached the other end of the half-circle for the first time, the player will be awarded by giving the player the "Winter Event" badge and a ROBLOX back accessory called "Skiipack". The game has now been updated so that when the meter is full, the meter will reset for another player.

Template:HeadingA When someone wants to help you fill the meter, the scammer fills up the last piece, then he gets the reward, and you need to start again.


A glitch occurs that if the bin is already filled, there's a chance that with only one piece you can get the badge and the price of the log.

Sometimes, when you drop off the Snowglow Wood at the bin, it will not disappear which means it did not process yet which means the meter will not move. Moving to another server will only fix the glitch.

Occasionally, the Snowglow Wood will take several seconds to process once it touches the green glowing surface at the bottom.

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