Template:Store ItemThe Small Trailer is a trailer that can be bought at the Boxed Cars store for $1,800 in-game money.

Like all trailers, its primary purpose is to increase the capacity of goods that can be carried by players. It features a tail hitch at its back so that the player can add more trailers, creating a 'road-train'. It can be respawned at the player's base for $36 in-game money. To respawn a trailer the player will need a Vehicle Spawner. This trailer has a similar width to the Utility Vehicle. Like most other vehicles and trailers, this has a rare chance of spawning pink. For more information, see Pink Vehicles.

Even though trailers are extremely helpful, they can bug out your car. This is mainly caused by someone ramming into the side of your trailer, causing it to flip or fly into the air, or it can be caused by standing in the trailer whilst moving wood into it. Also, making the trailer glitch. Be careful and cautious! Some people find it fun to glitch people's cars, trailers and stuff in general.

Dimensions Edit


The Small Trailer spawner is 16 studs long, 12 studs wide, and 0.2 studs tall. 16×12×0.2

The trailer itself is 16×10×2 studs.


The holding area is 10×7×1.8 studs.

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