Template:Store ItemThe Sleigh is a trailer that emerged from the Jingly Gift of Jingles from the 2016 Christmas Update.

In the rear of the sleigh, there are 2 seats for other players to sit.

The sleigh has no friction with the ground, so it does directly affect the vehicle physics. Template:HeadingAThis sleigh costs $2000 Money to re-spawn, which may seem to be expensive for most newer players. This trailer is also the most expensive to respawn, compared to every other vehicle. Template:HeadingAThis trailer is quite glitchy, so its not recommended to use it to carry Wood. And also because the other trailers can be used to fit much more wood with a lot less risk of wood falling down.

Interestingly, the Sleigh appears to have a better performance on snow (in the Taiga Biome) compared to its use on other materials. The sleigh, when on snow, will have much less friction, and it will slide when enough force is applied by the vehicle tugging it.

The player can operate the sleigh without a car by picking up the hitch while standing insode the Sleigh (this, however, is most likely a bug). 

The player cannot put loose objects like gifts or axes into the sleigh, otherwise, it will not move.Template:HeadingAThis is currently the only vehicle that cannot spawn in with any color variation, and it will only spawn as red and green.

The sleigh was added by Defaultio after he took a model constructed by a Wiki Moderator, Unikarnz, and the owner, Jerricks.


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