Template:Wood New Sinister Wood, alternatively known as Glow Wood, is a wood type that was available during the 2015 and 2016 Halloween Update along with Spook Wood. The tree grows exclusively in the month of October and has an extremely low spawn rate but can be found anywhere on the map, including the mountains and the ocean. Unlike Spook Wood, this seems to have saplings that start growing very thin and with short logs.

Template:HeadingAThis tree can be found anywhere on the map, as shown in the gallery, but also as a result of the numerous duplication methods which have existed throughout the history of the game. This wood type can still be purchased from other players, even though it has been circulating the market and being used for designs for more than a year. 

Template:HeadingAA distant cousin Snowglow Wood has the same glowing characteristics as Sinister wood. The external properties of this tree are identical to Spook Wood (black, and roughly the same size), with the only exception being that this tree seems to grow many twigs and limbs, making most planks small. They are golden on the inside (unlike Spook wood) and also have a neon glow, similar to Cavecrawler Wood.

-This wood is tied with Spook Wood for being the thickest and heaviest tree in the game, taking over 32 chops with a Silver Axe to take down.

-The base log on Sinister and Spook Trees can sometimes not be cut unless you have an End Times Axe.

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