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The Shabby Sawmill is the cheapest Sawmill and is optimal for beginners due to its minimal cost. The Shabby Sawmill is the only sawmill that is made out of wood, and the others are all made of metal.

Unboxed, the sawmill takes up less space than other Sawmills. The box has two "SAWMILL" decals on each side, and the Shabby Sawmill picture is surrounded by a golden color. The Shabby Sawmill emits green puffs inside of it, but at a less rate than the Sawmax 01 and 02. The wood that the Shabby Sawmill is made of is a dark brown color, similar to that of Walnut planks.

Only small trees, such as Oak, Birch, Cherry and some kinds of Saplings can fit in the Shabby Sawmill. It is advised to farm these trees until you get the Fair Sawmill. However, some have managed to chop big logs into small slabs and shove them in, which takes a very long time and is not recommended to do. Some also perform a glitch which involves moving the sawmill to create planks with big logs. The Shabby Sawmill can be used as a floor, as if it's flipped upside-down you can see the concrete plate beneath it. This concrete plate can be walked through, which is good for secret rooms, etc.