Seranok is the man dressed in black in the purple toll booth near the bridge to the Safari. The player will need to talk to this guy in order to lower the bridge. However, this costs $100 for lowering the bridge for 3 minutes. Seranok is dressed in black shirt and jeans, however, the shirt has red cuffs. He wears a pair of black goggles, along with a hat with a golden feather coming out of it. To talk to him, the player, when standing in front of him, must press 'E' when prompted. Seranok will lower the bridge to the End Times if the player balances a Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye on his counter.

Dialogue (Player in Italics, Seranok in bold):

"I'll lower this bridge for you for $100."

It's a deal.

"Hehe, thanks."

(If bridge is already down)

"I'll keep the bridge down for another three minutes for $100"

"Take my money"

"Hehe, thanks."

"WOW, THANKS!" (If the eye is balanced)

Seranok is a roblox admin.

In Seranoks shack this kitten poster can be found.


There is a poster on the bulletin board in WoodRUs that mentions Seranok. It states:

"Seranok prefers ice cream to all other foods or earthly pleasures in general"


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