Template:Store Item Template:HeadingA The Sawmax 02 is the second sawmill in the Sawmax series and is currently the highest-tier sawmill in the game. It cuts a maximum size of 3 x 2.6 x 10 logs.  

It is fairly large in boxed form, containing a cubic style yet still rectangular. The box has two decals on opposite sides of the sawmill. Unboxed, the sawmill takes up about the same area as a Vehicle Spawner. The Sawmax 02, like other sawmills, has the iconic green puffs that emit from the inside, yet give off no specific light. The Sawmax 02 is very similar to the Sawmax 01 in terms of size, box color, sawmill color, and name. The Sawmax 02's feed hole is 3 x 2.6 while the Sawmax 01's is 3 x 2.

The Sawmax 02 is currently the best and the most expensive sawmill in the game. It can cut logs of any thickness, although some larger logs like Lava Wood, Fir Wood, Pine Wood, Cavecrawler Wood, Koa Wood, Elm Wood, and other woods with big trunks cannot fit upon occasion. (the player still can cut logs into slabs and fit them horizontally.) This leads to the theory of a Sawmax 03 being released in a future update. Unlike other sawmills, blockages are uncommon within this sawmill as it seems to have an increased power. It is believed that sawmills, like this one, run on some sort of radiation. Though a known bug where a blockage does occur, the "Blockage" light is not turned on. There is also another known bug, where there is no blockage but the light does turn on. There is also another glitch not relating to the blockage. If you turn a unsawmilled slab that won't fit into your sawmill diagonal, it could fit in the sawmill.

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