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Overview Edit

The Sawmax 01 is the second-best Sawmill in the game and the first in the Sawmax series.

The Sawmax 01 looks very similar to the Sawmax 02 in terms of box color, size, sawmill color. When unboxed, it covers the area of a Utility Vehicle Spawner. The Sawmax 01, like all other sawmills, emits green puffs inside of it. The box in which the Sawmax 01 comes in is a darker beige than the Sawmax 02 box, and the unboxed sawmill has more of a yellowish tint than the Sawmax 02.

The Sawmax 01 is the second-most expensive sawmill in the game, and it can cut logs of nearly any thickness. Problems WILL occur when cutting big-size Walnut, LavaPine, and Koa logs, even with a Sawmax 02. The Sawmax 01 is believed to run on some sort of radiation and run on increased power, just like the Sawmax 02. Most people tend to skip the Sawmax 01 and buy the Sawmax 02 instead because the Sawmax 02 costs only $4500 more than the Sawmax 01, but this also means it's quality is much better.