Template:AreaThe Safari Shopping District also referred to as the Safari Shopping Court is a circular area containing two shops. There might be a new Shop in the future.

The two shops are Fancy Furnishings and Boxed Cars. The area has a circular path and trees can grow in the middle. On the left side is located the Fancy Furnishings store along with its owner Corey. To the right, there is Boxed Cars with the owner Jenny. Fancy Furnishings opens in the morning and closes at night whereas Boxed Cars open at noon and close at night.

To go to the Safari Shopping District, the player must travel to the Safari Biome. To do this, the player must visit the bridge from the spawn area and talk to Seranok and pay him $100 to lower the bridge. Once the bridge is lowered, the player must advance forward and keep going until the path leads them to the right. Then the player must make this turn and they will find themselves in the Safari Shopping District. Also, the store owners at night can be seen sleeping on the floor beside the counter.

The stores are closed at night and cannot be opened from the outside, but can be opened from the inside. That is if a player waits or accidentally gets trapped in the stores at night but the player won't be able to buy anything at night time as the store owners will be sleeping. The store Fancy Furnishings consists of some blueprints and mostly furniture, also containing the light bulb which is vital for the Rukiryaxe quest. The Boxed Cars store is a small building. Inside, the player will only see vehicles and trailers. The Boxed Cars store consists of only four items: 531 Hauler, Utility Vehicle-XL, Val's All-Purpose Hauler, and the Small Trailer.

Behind Fancy Furnishings, you can spot Bob's Shack. Although he is not a part of the district, it seems as if he secluded himself from it. Bob's Shack is located behind Fancy Furnishings.

Items that can be bought from this shopping district are:

Store Items
Boxed Cars

Utility Vehicle XL Utility Vehicle XL

Val's All-Purpose Hauler

Small Trailer Small Trailer

531 Hauler 531 Hauler

Jingly Gift of Jingles (Christmas 2016)

Fancy Furnishings

Glass Panes 

Cabinet and Counter Blueprints

Furniture/Kitchen Appliances 

Light/Light Bulb

Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty (Christmas 2016)

Happy Blue Gift of Fun (Christmas 2016)