Template:Area The Safari is one of the many areas (or biomes) in Lumberland. This area contains three stores, and a lush forest with a few variants of trees, including Walnut Wood, tree unique to this area, while including some of the trees that also grow in the Main Biome.

There are many ways to access the Safari. The primary way is by crossing the Bridge from the Main Biome. The Safari has an increased abundance of large trees compared to the Main Biome. Trees that grow in this area are CherryElm, and Walnut Wood. Walnut is a type of tree exclusive to only this area. The grass that grows in the biome is a lighter shade of green than the grass in the Main Biome. Due to the fact that this area has many rocks, this area was known for having a higher chance for Spook and Sinister wood to spawn.

In the Safari there are three stores, which are Fancy Furnishings, Boxed Cars, and Bob's Shack. Boxed Cars sells trucks and trailers, Fancy Furnishings sells home appliances and furnishings, including the Lightbulb needed to get the Rukiryaxe, and Bob’s Shack sells items such as Dynamite and the Can of Worms, which is also required to obtain the Rukiryaxe. It is vital to visit these two stores to obtain the Rukiryaxe. Boxed Cars sells upgraded vehicles, and trailers to haul wood in. Boxed Cars for some reason, seems to close two minutes before Fancy Furnishings does. This may be a bug or may be intended.

Towards the back of the Safari, there is a small cliff that leads to the Swamp. Although this little cliff is supposed to be the exit of the Swamp, it is often disregarded and used as an entrance.

A strange way to enter the Safari is by going into the Safari Hole. The Safari Hole is located in the Maze. When you walk into it, you will automatically teleport into the Safari, and not be able to go back to the Maze.

At the backside of some cliffs, there's a small ledge called the "Safari Point". Trees can grow here as the grass is part of the safari. The Safari Point digs a little into the cliff and creates a small "cave-like" area.

During the ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, the Safari was not affected by the snow and the challenge.
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