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The Rukiryaxe is currently the second best axe in-game for all Wood types with the exception of Lava Wood, and the Phantom Wood.

This axe is named after the ROBLOX user and Den trio, Rukiryo.

It is generally easy to obtain, but it requires $7220-8040 Money.

The Rukiryaxe is not available for regular purchase from a shop. However, players may sell the axe at their bases.

During the End Times Update, the axe had been replaced by the End Times Axe, but was later removed and the Rukiryaxe was back in the game.


The lowest overall cost would be $7500 money, And the highest would be $8,040.

Note that it is recommended to bring 2 dynamites just in case, as the Boulders may respawn and cover up the entrance again after a period of time.Template:HeadingA After purchasing all items needed to obtain this axe, the player must then go to the Taiga Biome and blast their way inside (if they wish to use a vehicle). The player can also see this red eagle emblem on the Wood R Us Bulletin Board.

 Upon arrival, the player must turn right and follow the Rock cliffs until the player notices a small cutout in the mountains. Getting closer to the right edge, the player must look around for a nearly transparent red eagle emblem that can be found on the side of the cliff. 

The player must look down under the red eagle emblem and see a window that says "[E] Open Hatch". Then, they must drop down the items needed down the hatch and head down the hatch. Once they have arrived, they will find 3 characters: Gusmanak, Rukiryo, and ZolarKeth, in the Den.

Template:HeadingA If the player has already found all 3 hidden Rukiryaxe Posters, they will know the order of what to go to who, but if the player do not, here is a list of what they prefer:

After placing the unboxed items on their respective plates, the Rukiryaxe will float down from a hole in the ceiling (sometimes the axe takes 3 to 5 seconds to fall if there is server lag). Template:HeadingA

File:HOW TO GET THE HIDDEN AXE?? Rukryaxe in Lumber Tycoon 2

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