Roads are paths found throughout Lumberland.

Roads, often known as Gravel Roads, Paths, Gravel Paths, etc. They are long stretches of pebbled gravel found throughout Lumberland. They help to guide players around the map. Roads are light gray, or almost white, in coloration, and have the "pebble" material. They are wide enough to form "lanes", although these paths have no markers. Roads are generally straight, never curving smoothly. They sit at the top of the ground by about 0.2 of a stud.

Roads appear in different biomes and have different colors and textures. Roads appear in the Main Biome, the Safari, Swamp, the Mountainside, Volcano Obstacle, and the Tropics Biome. Roads are most frequent in the Main Biome, reaching and cutting through the entire biome. The roads in the Safari have the different material - concrete instead of pebble. On the Mountainside, roads are cut into the mountains and have a yellow tint. The road is black in the Tropics Biome.

The controversial 'road' in the Swamp is the creek that runs through it, having a dark blue water covering. In the Volcano Obstacle, there is a winding path that leads upward and it is considered a "road".

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