Template:Area The River, also known as the Tunnel River or Bridge River, is a stream of water found between the Main Biome and the Safari. It is light blue, like the surrounding Ocean. It will also eventually kill a player if they're in the water for too long.

Nothing significant is found down under the waterline. It is very controversial on the classification of this body of water, and it is widely considered a river, but due to its shape, many players agree that it looks more like a bay or some form of cove, such as the Ocean Cove situated near one of three Islands. In fact, one of these islands can be seen outside of the mouth of the river tunnel.

The only main way of crossing this river is by driving over the Bridge and paying a $100 access fee to the Safari. On rare occasions, players can swim across on glitched servers or take the mountain passage high above. Some players avoid paying at all by simply using long planks that reach across the bridge gap.

One of the more noticeable features of this river is the River Tunnel. The River Tunnel is situated at the source of the river, making a hole in the mountainside. Although only a song (Swimmey Texture by Kevin Macleod) is played inside of it, the player can find an array of walls (and spaces without them). The tunnel itself was hinted by Defaultio himself to be an update included in a future underground biome. The tunnel might be related to the Green Box as well, because they play the same music.

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