The Pink Spheres are found in near the back ceiling of Wood R Us.

There are 3 in total.Template:HeadingAThey hold player data from the base, such as models, blueprints, and loose items.

The reason they are pink is possibly because pink is just a random color Defaultio chose, however because there are other pink items in the game (a.k.a Pink Vehicles, Alpha Axe, Pink Wood), players believed it was meant like this for a reason.

It's currently unknown as to why all three are in the ceiling of Wood R Us, or even why there is only three in count. Either way, there is currently no way to access this feature nor possibly ever will be.

It is also unknown if there is any other purpose besides the save scripts. Template:HeadingAThe easiest way to view the Pink Spheres is go on the Wood R Us store, then climb up the ladder on top of the big Blueprints sign, turn on "shift-lock" then quickly turn to back of the store.

Another way is to join a server (does not need to be new), then while the game launches tilt your camera slightly up, and you should see it for a few moments.

File:Dcfly pinksphere.png

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