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Paintings are decoration items that are sold at the Fine Arts Shop, inside The Maze, by Timothy (except for Bold and Brash). The back side of the paintings are used as decorations by some players.

Title Unknown Edit


Painter: Leroy

Price: $5980 Money

Description: "Contemporary original work."

Location: Fine Arts Shop

Size: Big

Painting type: Marine

Disturbed Painting Edit

File:Disturbed painting-0.png

Painter: Henry G Keller

Price: $2006 Money

Description: "By Henry G Keller. Watercolor."

Location: Fine Arts Shop

Size: Medium

Painting type: Nature

Outdoor Watercolor SketchEdit

Painter: Bill Polm

Price: $6 Money

Description: "By Bill Polm"

Location: Fine Arts Shop

Size: Small

Painting type: Landscape

Bold and BrashEdit

Painter: Squidward Tentacles

Price: Free (if Shrine of the Sight is opened correctly)

Description: "By Squidward Tentacles."

Location: Cavern of the Sight

Size: Large

Painting type: Caricature

Special: This painting can play the audio of Squidward saying "Bold and Brash"

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