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The Outdoor Watercolor Sketch, by Bill Polm, is a watercolor painting which can be found at the Fine Arts Shop in The Maze for $6 Money. This is the cheapest item in the game. Because of the price, the painting can be used to mark paths the player has already been on in The Maze to keep from getting lost. Its main use is decoration, such as putting it on a wall. The back side of the painting can be used as flooring as well.

Template:HeadingA This painting appears to be very small. It is bordered with yellow wood planks, which is the same material with Disturbed Painting, but with a different color. This item is used for decoration. The painting shows what appears to be a picture of a beach by a forest with a rocky frontier along with a rocky hill see in the back. It is unknown if this painting may hint a future geographical update.

If one were to compare the picture to Lumberland, it can look as if the painting is in the Tropics. But this is very unlikely as there are Pine trees on the cliffs and not leafy trees like the ones in the Tropics Biome which makes the area shown in the Painting most likely some other part of Lumberland not yet added.

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