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  • Yellow names classify players who have threatened to hack or steal someone's account.

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What Should You Do? Edit

It is recommended that before you make any trades with any players in the game, look for the username of the player you want to trade with on this page. Find his name on this page with Ctrl+F (Windows) and ⌘+F (Mac). If you do not find his name, proceed to the Trusted Players page. Try to find the username of the player on that page once again. If the player is on the Trusted Players page, it is safe to say that you can safely trade with the person. If the player's username is on this list, do not make any trades with him. Blacklist him, and make sure everyone else in the server knows he is a scammer. If he is neither on this page or on the Trusted Players page, please trade at your own risk.

File:The scammer ronaldbeltran704

Scammers Edit

coreyxgames- I paid 20k to this guy then he unwhitelisted me then said he had to go

loller444- Hello my name is powelldave and i was server-hopping looking to buy a couple fire axes. he said he was selling them i wanted to buy 4 and ha had me send 48k i sent it and he immediately left. he dropped the axe and picked it up after i sent and left.


Someone sale him a truck of sinister and spook and gifts, while the people give it to his land, he didn't gave any money and leave straight away.


I wanted to buy an end time axe so he said 4k for it I gave him 4 k and then he instant left the game. He didnt have much stuff so maybe its an scammer account.


TylerB122003 AND DesertedManiac + ronaldTVEdit

RONLADBELTRAN704 He wanted me to play his minigame (10k to play) and then i won an eye and then he said “try again” and i payed 10k more and then I won again and he said “try again” again. But I didn’t want to spend more money on that so I said no thanks but then I just gave him 10k anyway because I felt like he was going to scam. But he still scammed me even though I gave him 10k for free…

I am Goldtron2, these two are brothers who scammed me 437 Robux, one Shabby Sawmill, one Sawmax 02, one Fair sawmill, three basic hatches, one silver axe, one Rukieaxe, One small trailer, Val's All-propose hauler, one unity vehicle XL and finally one unity vehicle. At first these thieves stole all my items and then they promised they would give it back if I pay them robux, I payed them 37 robux at first but then he say 100 so I payed another 100 and he did not give it back, unknown to me at the time his brother came to me told me he will pay all his 6 million bomber typhoon in game money, all his presents about 50 of them, all his axes which were rare of all sorts about 40 of them so I payed him 300 and got scammed. Additionally the both of them are friends which further more tell us that they are related. And if possible can I get refund to have all of tylerB122003 and DesertedManiac all their items to be transferred to me or only tylerB122003's save all be transferred to Goldtron2 because I got scammed 437 robux and all that. Not just breaking game rules but also breaking multiple Roblox Rules!

(List was added by 1011025m to save space)

Proofs(includes 437 robux scam, LOOK AT THEM ALL): (robux scam)

SCAMED 4 MIL- he promised to pay me back but he didn't pay me back and un frended me and blocked me.

xdmar59 Edit

SCAM ATTEMPT FAILED - xdmar59 has attempted to scam my friend out of her Robux. It started off when xdmar asked Repilee to buy his 5 eyes for 15 Robux. He said that he would give her the eyes first, but he later then asked her to give him 15 Robux first. I told her that she shouldn't fall for the scam, but xXStarry_GirlXx, his worker, tried to get her to fall for the scam even more. I then asked them to walk to my base so I can still investigate while setting up my icicle light shelves.

When the deal couldn't be aborted thanks to xdmar for being annoying and greedy, Repilee started trolling him to avoid being scammed, saying that she had paid first and said that it would 'take 10 minutes because of overloaded servers' (she might pay 10 minutes later clearly).

At the end, xdmar59 finally gave up on scamming, went to his CENSORED base, and left. He has been duplicating items, according to xXStarry_GirlXx.

He also works with xXStarry_GirlXx.I saw anjs04 scamming someone for presents pic of will be up soon (Stop putting this on my scam lst as you misplacing it)



They Used Dropped Axes To Move My Small Sinister Plank Onto There Base While I Was Building And By The Time I Noticed They Were Throwing It in There Sawmills I Begged For It Back After Noticing Mine Was Gone And They Used Axes To Move It They Asked For Money And Axes And A Spooky Plank For It Back Being Smart I Denied There Request After Noticing My Last 2 Eyes Were Gone As Well After That They Used Chathoot To ;Stools kkghost99 (ME) And Stole My Axes And Left (I Did Get Axes Back From A Glitch But Not My Wood Nor Eyes) PROOF ---------> Some Slides Were Misplaced But The Sinister Wood Was Mine And They Both Were In On The Act

File:Exposing a roblox scammer -YO MAMASMELLS- (BEWARE!!)


Scammed me out of 300k after offering to sell me a truckload of eyes. After I sent him the money, I started recording, and he looked around my base before returning to his base and leaving, without bringing the truck.

File:Harold113 scams.avi
File:Stefasinlos scams.png

EndTimesWood282 Edit

Scammed me out of 30k in the process of selling an eye. After taking the money and bringing the eye to me, he told me to whitelist him. He then took the eye back to his base before leaving.
File:RobloxScreenShot01112017 171705201.png
File:RobloxScreenShot01112017 171857547.png

albinotigermorgan Edit

File:Big scammer hacker.png

(Note: This person is a very serious threat. If you are in the same server as him, leave the server IMMEDIATELY!) This guy hacks and scams everyone in the server. He knows a hack that can steal everyone's axes from their inventory and teleport them onto his base. He also threatens to delete your base if you don't give him money. If you are his friend, remove him immediately.

On January 21, 2017, this player joined MyUsernamesThis's game to 'give back' the axes he took. Instead, he never whitelisted and just left the server. DO NOT trust.


colcok123 Edit

File:Screenshot at Aug 09 14-05-40.png
Go to the forum post for details:


Uses teleportation hacks that teleport all user's axes to his base, already stole around 50k(?) axes, We got some pictures as proof and my friend recorded, so he will post a link to a YT as soon as I can. In the meantime, here is the chat.

gamerjoebert, iiOmqChrist Edit

File:Lumber Tycoon 2 Roblox - ROBUX SCAMMER

This person has two accounts, he scammed me robux. He says he would give me 1m if i send him 56 robux and when i send it he

leaves! report them i want my robux back proof:

lolYT_NicTRM Edit

A hacker who stole my axe.


brookis123 Edit

Eye duplicater, gift duplicator, etc. Tried to scam out me out of trading for one, and after I told him I was recording, hacked my axe away from me.


riuk1234 Edit

This person also hacks and scams everyone in the server. He knows a hack that can steal everyone's axes from their inventory (and possibly teleport them on their base). He asks you or someone to come to his base for free axes and will steal everyone's axes.
File:Proof Images1.jpg
I knewole all the ite's from player's inventorys and left and said "glitch", (and even though he said "glitch", my friend told me too whitelist him an he said "yea", and left.

I also asked if he "dupli did not respondcated" and he

blurry proof but slightly readable off of people who do this but didn't think he was one of them and lost my two axes, beta axe and rukiry, the other two players who were busy and I was following the other one too these free axes because I didn't trust them

TembledGaming Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot08122016 230213569 (2).png


This person attempted to steal everyone's axes in the server. I do not have evidence of the axes being taken, but I do have proof that he did have them at one point (this is when he said he would give everyone's axes back and luckily he did). He may have given the axes back but he is threat as he could easily take axes and never give them back. If you are in a server with him, take caution or leave immediately. Janrobert25

Janrobert25 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07172016 233531764.png

Scammed me for a pumpkin boxed.

(UPDATE BY KKGHOST99) He Stole 2 pink cars and my sinister wood using an auto whitelist exploit i was finding blue wood and noticed he was whitelisted and when i un whited him he was back there instantly and he couldnt be blacklisted as his name wasnt there so i reset and my base was half gone plus my stuff was missing his last words were LOL THIS HACK IS AWESOME

Coli420 Edit

Somehow got into my base even though I had blacklisted her for 10 minutes before and glitched my pink truck. Also admitted to hacking.


Coli420 also hacked her way into sean morabitos base and glitched his fan's gifts. In other words, she tried to steal and threaten. Here is evidence:

DaisyStewart5 Edit

Daisy said he would sell me a big gift for 5k, continued to say lag and such(see video) and then proceeded to go to his base and quit. Possibly might work with samhyde125, but not much evidence. joined the game again and confronted them both, daisy left first, then sam. Both have blocked me. If you look close in the vid, you can sea sam picking up one of daisy's items. This shows that they are working together, or he has multiple accounts.




deatherbringerxx10021 Edit

He stole my presents, I ask him to give it back and he says no. Proof:

YuvalRv2016 Edit

This user is a serious scammer who scammed me 450,000! He told me that he would sell me a truckload of spook wood for 450k and I agreed. He told me that I had to pay first, so I said OK. I sent him the 450k and he started making up excuses and not giving me the wood. He then just simply left the server and my 450k was gone. Never trust this guy because you will regret it! :(

In the video you will see his previous Name


Kyle11334 & Xmonster099 Edit

Kyle11334 scammed by taking axes and then leaving, then later came back and extorted the axes by saying "give me the blue wood and Ill give you your axes back" and "whitelist me i'm a friend". He dropped the axes and then picked them back up and le

File:LT2 Scammer (Evidence Review)

Xmonster099 is troll as well, jumping around bases and flipping cars. Was in the video talking with Kyle, presuming to be one of his friends. Approved by ProgrammingUniverse </>

   I was scammed from yusefm07 on Xbox he scammed me for my blue wood and he did it multiple times

Dash663 Edit

Attempted to hack my account. (I cant evidence that though sorry) and scammed my eye and alpha axe. he gave the axe and stuff to his dumb friend.And heres httpjullei aka the indonesian group owner. HE HAS OVER 21 MILLION In all his slots and said he duped them and he wanna dupe mines too! He also said he wants my account to do it :(

File:RobloxScreenShot02172017 224753157.png

MrQuadDub Edit

Hacked his way into a VIP server that was link only without knowing the link, ran into end times area, glitched cars, stole wood. When asked to stop, he continues to do it and when told that he will get banned he responds 'IDC'. You will see when he joins he says OH YEA QUAD IS HERE

Please note that this user just wants attention by trolling. Its advised to block him and ignore him if he contacts you in any way

Recently he joined a server and managed to hack a pink Val's and a pink 531 off of a base. STAY AWAY FROM HIM AT ALL TIMES. VIP SERVERS ARE NO PROBLEM FOR THIS GUY.

Note: This user has a trolling list on his Roblox profile page, if you are on this list, be careful.

Users on the list: Codeprime8, MummyMcSpringy, DatHeadSetBoy, BunnyFilms, xxGamingCreeperxx, CreeperFamily, MyUsernamesthis, EthanGamerTv, Colt Playz, DigDugPlays, DarkKJGaming, ProgrammingUniverse, GoldenMinute, Jumpman20, Defaultio. (There might be more)

NinjaBoyCreation Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot03172016 003013401.png

He scammed me of 90k. He said he would give me axes but he never did, a few days later I asked him for my money back, but he said "No". Then I told him to give my money back, but he replied with "No." and unfriended me. Never trust this guy. See Chat (NinjaBoyCreation Scamming iiVickie)

Second case, He scammed me of 20k by saying he would give me 500 robux for it. He said he got scammed so I did go first for him. After I gave him 200k money, he just quit, blocked, and unfriended me. (NinjaBoyCreation Scamming JuliusDoesMechs)

This player is an extreme scammer. He scammed in about a total of 5 million money. If you see this player in your server, please stay away from him and block him. He scammed many items from players. He also duplicated a lot of items in his base. Avoid him from scamming you! This player is also a hacker. He can hack any games by editing the script. This is how he duplicates items in Lumber Tycoon 2. If you are one of his friends, please unfriend him now, because he doesn't care about others and just scams them. Do it before he scams you. He already scammed over 80 friends.

I'm another person, I am not going to put my name for privacy issues. So this guy came on, and I was pretty rich after farming a ton of Birch Wood. And so he was like, does anyone want an End Times Axe? And so I said yes because it was the best axe in the game. So, I went over to his base, and he said if I could give him the money first because he was really freaked out of scammers. I said ok, and then he said he would give me the axe. Then, he blacklisted me and left the game after saying he lagged. I don't have any evidence unfortunately like a picture, because my screenshot doesn't seem to work on Roblox.



Scammed me of 3k (Not much) by me 'buying' a Rukiyaxe. From the account age it appears this was simply just one of the real user's alternate accounts, Still be aware of this user.

Oseme3454 Edit

We were going to get lava wood, when he told me to whitelist him so he can help with the trees. I whitelisted him. He said he forgot his axe, and he went back to his base. Instead, he went to my base and stole all my axes.

PointBroken Edit

This person has multiple friends and accounts who scam at once, he makes a show of doing good trades with his friends and accounts, and then lures into trading then he scams you and runs away. He scammed me 150k for an eye, if u see him report him, and leave the server. NEVER TRUST THIS GUY


Ryanhunter9999 Edit

i asked him if i could buy an eye and he said yes for 30k when i gave him the money he would not whitelist me and he put it in my truck and i could not move i said whitelist me so i can have eye and he said you pay again then he reloaded and got his eye back stay away from him.

File:RobloxScreenShot01172017 070051-349.png

0ut0fTime Edit

he has acted like a friend until he shows his dark side, he may only attack people with many items looking like they duped. Then he will collect your items by lieing hes afk and take your items and delete them. He has done it to many people in the server because we form in groups. DO NOT TRUST HIM he took most of my pumpkins and 2 eyes i got from a guy.

File:Text 1.png

(me) i dont dupe u buy that

(him) you have duped stuff

(me) so? i buy it from people

(him) i took from you so now i can give it to defaultio to destroy. so now bye bye

(me) :O

OK , now he is taking it from me what right dose it give him. is he admin... no is he the creator... no. i lost more than 50K lost after this freak takes my stuff OH wait theirs more....

(me) WHY YOU COULD OF JUST ASKED STOP PUT IT ALL BACK you can just ask? rlly.

(him) silly duper

File:Text 2.png

(me) ?

(him) this all going to defaultio

OMG now i lost so much stuff so people if you have a lot of stuff and he join LEAVE. If u dupe? he will record.. if you glitch he will record... he follows u every were you go

heres my proof

File:RobloxScreenShot01172017 054603-575.png

he took 31 pumpkins and each costed 500 i had 100 so thats 50K and the my bold and brash painting with my turkey eyes and axes.

so please beware of him and stay safe!

Dragonulverde Edit

I arrived just in time to catch this scammer. When i joined they were meeting up and i understood that he was a scammer just by his chat. He said he would sell rukiry for 1000, the buyer gave 1000 but he said bye and went away with his car. He also says he sells everything for 1k, those are scams too.

Proof 1:

Proof 2:

1TacoReview1 Edit

He said that everything he sold costs 25k, then, you give him your money, he says he will give it tomorrow.

Then he deletes you from his friend and he leaves the game.


'25GRACJAN556' Edit

he removed himself off the list. i payed him a simple deal for 1000k robux for everything on his property but instead he left without paying. It gets worst he threaten to strike my channel with false copyright and frame other people. i didnt ge tthe evidence of him leaving but however i got the chatlogs and audit logs proving i payed him hes also very immature evidence threats chatlogs audit logs

droiidgamiing Edit


Scammed futurecrown. He scams and threatens to hack and mess up your account. Defends himself furiously against accusations.

Electroxghost25 Edit

Said he will "Shut down my ip" and hack me.

Also said that he will call Defaultio because we splitted phantom wood fairly, and then he wants more.


Evidence for n2:

goncalo15000 Edit

He told him to give money first then he gets the money, and doesn't give him the fire axe. He is also a duplicator and a hacker.


JamieGrator Edit

Uses /me to attempt to trick someone that he's an admin and warn him that if he doesn't send him 20k he will be banned for 1 month and that his base will be deleted.


kurdi13pg Edit

Tries to steal your account then later you get hacked.

MarcJustine33 Edit

He claims he is a good hacker, and will tell me to send him 1M or else I will get hacked by him.


matheusinho7 Edit


Threatened to hack and ban me

southfloridaelite Edit

Said that they have teleport hacks, said watch this, then the whole server froze and crashed.


superteen1001 Edit


Claimed to know the developer. later debunked by me :D then threatened to hack my base. also used some common scammer moves (ex. "Jeff can i help with making a vault for you")

TheWoodcrafter Edit

Acted like a jerk while I was playing with him and even decided to hack my rukiryaxes off of my base.

xXWarriorKyle Edit




He is a very serious threat. If you enter the same server, avoid him at all costs, no matter what he asks. Leave the server if he joins ASAP. He has 2 other alts, SIIXIIOIIXIIS, ixXIArmyTankIXxi, 8IUIHIUI8 and his main account, futuresparks24 Template:A

0 to 9 Edit

1hesstruck Edit

Scammed me a boxed eyeball. I paid him 50k Money as an agreed transaction to exchange for the eyeball. He left the server soon after.


02paolo22 Edit

Scammed me out of 4k and tried to steal my sawmill/car.



He/she said they sell alpha boxes for 15k each then I got the money then he said they were 20k, I got the money again then he said fpay. I did then he quickly left the game.


360turtleman Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot04292016 213936043.png
File:RobloxScreenShot04292016 214743303.png

He asks to be whitelisted and claims to give you a big truck, then he will instead take either your sawmill or you biggest truck/trailer. He didn't do this to me but there is proof within the pictures.(No proof could be base design)

2345Brandon5432 Edit

He offers a cheap price for an axe and then if you pay half or full price, he'll take you outside of his base and act like he's gonna drop it but just leaves the game.


90xrudemar Edit

He WAS my friend he said he will said he will help me get fire wood but when I was working on my sawmill He stole all my axes and tried to still my gifts I saw him and started recording the he left the server after I told him I was recording. I also saw him flying so he is a hacker. Note: I put 2 videos but they go together.


watch both of the videos
File:RobloxScreenShot01192017 185604585.png


File:RobloxScreenShot01192017 185439629.png

Was a friend of mine for about a month. He was nice, and was trying to earn my trust. He eventually revealed that he was going to try to get me to whitelist him go he could steal my alpha axe since he wanted one, but eventually bought one for himself. When I told him off, he told me "goodbye 'friend" in quotes and left.


azie18414 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot11202016 172342594.png
He scammed another person for a fire gift for 20k and took back his fire gift, he has a lot of money due to that scamming, don't trust this guy or else he'll rob you very hard.

aarondesabille00 Edit


A 7X_yeahEdit

File:RobloxScreenShot05302016 133453984.png

He scammed my friend out of 2k for a fire axe then left. He might have been doing this for a long time cause he has 42k.

asokipogi01 Edit

I gave him 2k for an alpha axe when he received it,he left the game.I even told him he was being recorded but scammed me anyway


aaliyahsampaga Edit

File:RobloxLumber Tyccon 2 Scammer

He says that he will give 2 axes if you pay him 14000 for all 2 of them. Once you do, after waiting couple of seconds he replay It's a scam and quit from game.

Adam1don123 Edit

Wanted to buy an axe for 6k, he thought I will scam him so we decided to split the money. He gave me 3k first and i gave him the axe then he walked away and started cutting with the axe. Then he wanted to buy a beta axe from me with the 3k with it, in total 8k, he told me to give axe first, but this time I was not stupid and didn't give him the axe. He started laughing and said he is going to duplicate.


Adan0068 Edit

Scammed 10Endersteve01 7k for a beta axe.Template:EnderApproved

Adenjs20 Edit

I paid him 150k for an eye and he never gave it.


adriantorres24 Edit

While I was doing my holiday selling, I was trying to sell him a sleigh gift for 50k, I put the gift on his property, he asks me to white then sell, then another guy chimes in saying he doesn't scam. So I white him. He then reloads and leaves the game. Proof:

Afterlife9o5 (xbox one) Edit

He scammed me out of 1k, which isn't a lot, but it was for a present. The way he did it just ticked me off. I had to put him up just for reference. So, I was minding my own business and I came across his shop. I decided to take some pictures just in case I got scammed, and we had a pretty good deal. 1k for a small present, that was fantastic. I then try to give him the 1k, and he takes the present back in and sets it on his table like nothing ever happened. He then went back to work and continued to deny all reason and fact of the scam.


He offered to give me some things for a Big Gift, I whitelisted him and while I was afk, he took all my items, unfriended me, and left the game. Leaving me with no more wood at all, including my Blue Wood, Spook Wood, Glow wood, presents, items, all of it.

Alexmitru Edit

He tells you to give money and leave, the funny part is every time he played with him he asked money for nothing. (example: Selling a beta axe he came and said that he will buy it for 100 when offer was 700.)


alfieisdabomb6 Edit

Scammed jonacreepy over 25k and 5 glow wood. He blacklisted him after he bought the wood and paid him.


Angelseroje Edit

Attempting to scam and steal all my stuff then after failing to do so tries to get everyone on the server thinking I scammed him saying I should pay him 5k for scamming him.


alexdjdeate Edit


AlenTirovi Edit

Scammed me for a fire axe, he told me the price was 5k for the axe at first, from there, as the video provided shows, he continued to add to the amount he originally said, how ever much I paid him I never got the axe.


Alyamen05 Edit

He stole all my money when I was buying his spook and glow wood.


Ameermaster Edit

Paid for a large pink trailer, then he brought it to my base and went back to his base and left.


Apinoon789 Edit

He told me that he will give me a spook wood for 10k. When I gave him the money he blacklisted me and then he left.


austincolechavez Edit

Offered end axe for 3k, thinking "what a good deal" I gave him 3k and he said sike.



Offers to sell a pink wood door for 17k. He leaves right after he gets paid and took the door with him.


arrow_vks Edit

Steals an eye from an innocent player. In the video look to the top left to see him taking the eye to his base and leaving. Do not trust him.


Scammed me of 20k while I was trying to buy a cube.


arya12fc Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot06192016 171326814.png

Offered pink wood block for 10k, leaves after payment.

arsidi123 Edit

File:Scammer on Lumber Tycoon 2
Promises a rukiryaxe for 1k, gave him 1k. Then he asked for lava wood, so I gave him lava wood. Then he never talked to me no matter how much I tried to get his attention. Never ended up getting axe.
File:RobloxScreenShot02212016 194643326.png

asainboi123 Edit

Asainboi123 has a storage of doom. If it kills you then he will claim it's your fault and that he's isn't scamming. (Fixed due to Changelog)


This player makes the prices cheap but as soon as he gets the money from the player he leaves the server. I'll look for evidence soon, but be careful.

AtomicOranges Edit

He would say that if you give him 1.5k, he would dupe your axes. So when you give the cash and he would say to whitelist him and he would grab the axes before they de-spawned and "dupe" them. So I trusted him and whitelisted him, then on the count of 3 I left. Then when I joined back, he said it didn't work but I saw one of my axes missing. Then on the third try he left and blocked me.


also happened to: kacperovsky00

Atxbiscuit Edit

He is a scammer that lies to his friends, he then says you're the scammer and you made him cry etc.


AutumnxLiz Edit

Scammed me out of 100k for an eyeball. Offered 100k for my boxed eye and ForeverPerfectx1 told me she wasn't a scammer. I gave the eye and they both left when the saw it loaded on her base; worked with ForeverPerfectx1

Postscript: I followed her back to LT2 later and she gave me the eye back and told me that she was hacked. I believe that this was a cover up for the scam but I got my eye back in the end.


Told my friend KevinGeneration that if he gave him 5,000 he could get a fire axe, instead he took the 5k and left the game.

awsomesnake123456 and preamiurangellou Edit

These two users stole MyUsernamesThis' lava wood.


Axifs and nioloaslawn800c Edit

These 2 players wanted to trade with me a pumpkin for a beta axe. They wanted to raid my base but they managed to get 2 pumpkins and 2 icicle lights.

video evidence:

File:RobloxScreenShot07162016 233003-450.png

AZBxCrysis Edit

Tried to buy access to someone's plot, said he would dupe

Found another video with AZB scamming someone, take a look at this, just a heads up, not destroying the wiki. Avoid buying from this player! This player scams and earns money to giveaway to gain subscribers on youtube.


His Channel:

andrewngakase02 Edit

I attempted to purchase a large amount of rares from this user, unfortunately it did not go as planned. The total value of the deal was 2.9 million and I was okay with sending that much, we just early completed a deal without any issues, so I felt safe in going first. The moment I sent the 2.9 million he left the game and I got scammed out of 2.9 million.



File:RobloxScreenShot11142016 030216921.png


Tried selling me a rukiry axe for 6k. I agreed to send 4k first, get the axe, and then send 2k after receiving the axe, but badrusabila123 never sent me the axe. I asked for my 4k back, but badrusabila123 never sent it back even after several warnings.

BanDaSniper27 Edit

User scammed me out of several thousand dollars for an alpha axe. Also claims to have a gold axe, which is a lie.



He scammed me 2k he was selling a fireaxe when I send him 2k he left the game.



I tried to buy an alpha axe and then he said stuff. I sent the money and he ran off with the box saying his screen messed up and stuff.


baletran1997 Edit

Scams YourFriendAlexz for an unknown amount of money to buy an unknown item then after payment he leaves the game.

File:RobloxScreenShot11272016 225037796.png
File:RobloxScreenShot11272016 225101073.png

beqo67 Edit

Offered fire axe for 20k, gave basic hatchet and left.


BennyS5288 Edit

User scammed BlackJan12345 Out of 750K

File:Lumber Tycoon 2 Scammer cought! BennyS5288!

Bernating Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot06032016 172101858.jpg
File:RobloxScreenShot06032016 172124249.jpg

He tries to sell you 22 boxed pumpkins, a red ball gift, two boxed coal all stuffed in a Val's All-purpose-Huler for 150k. When asked to place the car near/in the base - refuses to do so. When you dont send him all money at once, calls you a scammer. Then threatens you to report you to wikia for scamming him. However I avoided getting scammed by him.

BGA Viral Edit

So I wanted a fire present really bad so he said "I'll offer it to you for 55k" I said ok and then I said I'll do the half and half deal and he said HE doesn't wanna get scammed so I was like fine then I sent the 55k he started reversing to his base and then he said jk I was relieved and then I just saw his base disappear.


Bossman1022996 Edit

Scammed my money. I just want to buy his axe, but he didn't give the axe I wanted. He said he is selling the axe I wanted to buy, so I said to him to go at my base. He wanted to the trade outside of the base, and I told him to give the axe first before I give the money. He said he is not a scammer, and I said to put the axe in front of me (he didn't) and move away. After I gave him the money, he went near the axe and picked it up, so I said "OMG SCAMMER." He said "no," then went into my car and drove us to his house with me. He said he was "lagging" and left the server a few seconds later.

Evidence : / /

biga059 Edit

This person wanted to pay all of his money for 2 boxed pumpkins but when I gave him the pumpkins he reload and said hahaha noob you got scammed and he left.


BIGKIDS FTW (Xbox One) Edit

He says he can get you spook wood, he said he needs to be whitelisted and you need to go behind Boxed Cars whilst he goes to the snow biome. He never went to the snow biome, instead he waited by my base till I went over the bridge. My friend saw him at the time and told me. I whitelisted and blacklisted him so no harm could've been done. I do highly recommend avoiding this player.


bjorsenDK Edit

Says he sells rukiryaxe. After giving the money, he then blacklists you and asks why should he give you money/axe.


BlaGun320 Edit

On one hand, he is a type of scammer who tries to put his own wood to your car and steal your valuable trees as you can see in the video. On the other hand, he is a rude boy as you can see in the chat in the video.


Blastoise0111 Edit

He is a scammer, he scammed me 6K for an endtimes axe.


bloknatsu Edit

User claimed to have given three large Phantom Wood and Preserved Ostrich Eye for 100K. Upon transaction completion, user chatted "sike" and drove the truck home. He then left the server.


Side Note:// The user, following my tracking him down and following him in game, stated "any scam i make, i win. no one records, so they have nothing to place me on the list for." It's advised to record every transaction you make, especially with this user.

bloxkareem Edit

He offers you an axe & when you hand over the money, he blacklists you and he sometimes leaves the game.


BlueDeath_3 Edit

He came in the game and asked me if I wanted to buy all of his gifts, axes, and 1 spook wood for 100k. At first I thought it was a scam waiting to happen.... Turns out it was... but then he convinced me when he said he had a youtube channel and that he did videos on scammers too. I looked it up and confirmed that it was a real youtube channel. he had 1 youtube video that was about roblox scamming. Furthermore, the rest of the proof is on youtube. Here are the links down below.


bluelane1358 Edit

Gets one of his friends to buy from him to show he is "legit" then takes your money and tells you you got scammed then leaves and keeps joining back and saying he was joking.

He asks if you want him to duplicate for a extra 1k to get more money out of you.


DevBmxKeith Edit

Was buying my pink car, and claimed to being generous to donate 2m for my base, in the process deleted my whole base, and left. He also scammed many more people


bobharris Edit


boundleasswater Edit

He scammed me out of 1k for a rukiry (too good to be true, but I had a bit of money to spare) and then promptly left the server as soon as he received the money. Had around 9k before I gave him anything, don't know if he's done this before.


bombsquad808 Edit

I traded him 2 pumpkins boxed and a pink car for spook and glow but after i traded him he told me to wait and he left and blocked me on roblox so evidence below

Evidence: (part 2) (part 1)

File:RobloxScreenShot07052016 155701-494.png

BostonCelt1cs9 Edit

Took 50k from me, then refused to give me the spook wood. He now claims it was his brother, when it wasn't.

brandonjones08 Edit

Attempted to scam me out of 13k for a fake boat vehicle. Unsure if he has done this before, but due to the number of rare axes and 5 Sawmax02, I believe that he has. The rare items could be legit, although if he does this frequently for 13k then it could have been earned illegitimately. Gains your trust, by selling you Palm wood.

Chat window:

His land with excessive high value items:
File:RobloxScreenShot08222016 205253-267 (2).png


File:RobloxScreenShot11142016 030216921.png

Scams players by telling them to pay her 4k she has all the axes rukiy, fire, alpha, ends times axe and she has the skills to convince players that they can trust her and the other sellers she has stolen some axes from my inventory and bragged about it she told me I had to re buy them to get them back, so I paid her and then I noticed I was scammed big time.

brennon2 Edit

as you can see here brennon2 said he scammed someone he said he did it because he got trolled.


Claimed he was trustworthy because he was on trusted players on Lumber Tycoon wikia, checked and it was true, I then paid for 2 pieces of sinister wood, as soon as I paid Brooks100000, he took his truck back to his base with the sinister wood and left the game. Please remove this player from the trusted players because it's misleading, evidence is below.

File:Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 23.46.10.png

BrotheKiller92 Edit

Failed to keep his end of the deal on a Fire Axe. THINKS he's scored more money off me than agreed on.


Made a deal with me but left the server after receiving my money. I was meant to get an eye and end of time axe for 17k but he ditched after I sent it. AVOID him at all cost!!

BOBxBOB007 Edit

Scammed by selling an unboxed eye for 15k. Took the money and then left the game.


C Edit

calikiller4 Edit

Scammed ZillexMiner for 40k, said he sold an eyeball for 40k and i sent him the money and he didn't give me the eye. He said it was laggy then he left. Later i rejoined his game and told me to give my eye and then he quit and blocked me.


cameronjfg Edit

Claimed to sell bold and brash paintings for 5K each. I asked him if he could do 60K if I bought 20. He agreed to it. I got 4 of them, then saved. Then, I got 5 more of them on my property then he asked for me to pay, so I paid 27K. I went to go get the rest and then he unwhitelisted me and then left. He joined back (most likely accidentally) and I asked him if I could get the 5 back (he had at least 50 paintings on his base) and he refused to give me any. I ended up with only 4/20 paintings and paid 27K.

changballer123 Edit

He was gonna give me a fire present, a purple pumpkin, an orange pumpkin, and an eye all for 50k. When I paid him, he just drove off into the bridge and left the game. All of this is recorded. Evidence:

Capteldstrom Edit

Scammed 10Endersteve01 20k for 2 end times axes.Template:EnderApproved


File:RobloxScreenShot10212016 223032-723.png
I bought 2 boxed alphas and 1 boxed beta she didn't give me any of them and left the game. I rejoined her where she sold a axe to a player and private chatted here where casie said she scammed her.

Evidence: In the very bottom comments you will find the second victim with a screen shot of casie8850 admitting to the scam.


I asked for a fire axe I desperately needed and he asked for 10k, I accepted then he brought it to my land, as I was reloading my place he left the game meaning the fire axe was gone... I think he may have picked it up as he was leaving... The screenshot is pretty vague but you can get the context.


carolines115 Edit

Bought a fire axe but would not give the fire axe, and claims that the game broke or that you are lagging and that is why you can't pick up the axe, although he "whitelisted you". The truth is HE DIDN'T whitelist you. He didn't give my little brother his fire axe and therefore lost 5k.


Cayden11S Edit

Attempted to buy a fire present for 15k and then he/she got shady, so I recorded the rest of the transaction after they offered me Sinister wood for 10k. Then made off with my 25k, see the attached video.


CBendins (Roony347) Edit

Scams noobs (on Xbox) by getting them to whitelist him then putting them under his Chop Saw or locking them in his 'shed'. He also successfully scammed the poor noob Secretive Sheep out of a 531 Hauler and scammed the equally defenceless outgunned68 out of a Sawmax 02.

Also attempted to flog Pine wood as Palm wood at extortionate prices, and was only discovered using a wood detector.



CDUB456 Edit

He offers people on his blue wood 5k, so i purchased some and he took and ran luckily i recorded proof of this low life scrub. Be warned he has an axe shop and should not be trusted.

ChadoPower66 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07252016 182913336.png

He is a classic scammer that tells you to give the axe first. He scammed me and took 2 ruki and 2 fire axes. His partner in crime is also a scammer named "brad_sloan1". If you see them or one of them on your server, please don't engage.


Charliedez Edit


Has you whitelist and claims to reset on your property. Instead destroys the most valuable things and steals axes. Has a collection of axes from scamming players.

ChipsandSals Edit

Scammed mascorjen10 on a trailer trade. He got the trailer and then left the server.


CharmedGamer Edit

Scammed me out of 20k.

chochomate12 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot09102016 131838242.png

Scammed Candyrun16. Took candy's blue wood and axes. Video soon, but here is the image of the stolen things.

chrisvil026                                                                                                                                            Well well well i din not scam aiarsyi i mean he scam me i only trade to some one not to scam i give my rikiry axe then he left Edit

im done ' oh by the way some one hacked my acc that's why it's not me Edit

ClamBoat2 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07142016 135253228.png

Scammed me out of 8k for a fire axe. Price was 8k, sent money, and left. Proof of purchase here.

ClaytonsCousinG Edit

He made a YouTube video of scamming people, even though he doesn't scam for much it's still bad for people who have just started. Evidence -

cool082 Edit

Tells you his axe collection is in this box. Upon touching this box, you get sucked in and die.

(This was patched)


Edit: cool082 has changed his ways and is no longer a scammer. The video (Which I have since taken down) scared the daylights out of him, and is no longer publicly listed as a result of this.

coolfinn69 Edit

I originally asked him for a gift for 14k. Then he says his spook wood is cheap and told me he will give me both for 17k. He promised he won't scam and I gave money to him and he delivered the stuff back to his base. He later told me to give him some signs and he will give me the stuff back. So I whitelisted him. When I saw he was taking everything I immediately blacklisted him but he already took all the stuff and left the server.


Coolmaxyguy Edit

Scammed me of an ostrich eye, said he would pay 4 million for it, also scammed my friend of 10k.


c_bdcruz Edit

He sells a truck full of gifts for 70k or more, but once you pay he says he lags then goes to his base and then leaves the server.


Cool4Life1122 Edit

Scammed me 7k for a fire axe. I sent him the money then he left.


cool987 Edit

He sells axes and tells you to send money, then leaves.When joined his server again he forgot he scammed me.



I sent him 2500 money. He picked up the fire axe and left.


coolkylecat Edit

During the last day of beta, they attempted to sell me a Silver axe for 10k, when it's actually 2k something.


cooltree17 Edit

cooltree17 acts innocent trades me 2 lava trees and 1k for 2 Rukiryaxes and an Alpha Axe, I gave him the wood and 1k. He says to make another trip. Then says 'jk' and leaves.


UPDATE: This time, I gave him 3 TNT so he'll give me the axes, but he still refuses and leaves.

Evidence 2:

coolprinceajay123 Edit

I was scammed by my friend and I recorded it. This scammer's name is coolprinceajay123 and the deal was for one coal gift for 30k.


CreeperBlaze0403YT Edit

He was trading spook wood with me, I bought it, and he said I didnt pay the amount of money he requested.


crimsonheads Edit

Scammed me big time. Said he would trade me my boxed betas for some rukiry, fire, and alpha. He took all my betas and didn't give me anything. He also stole my glow table and tried to take my presents.


christian_fbi Edit

I got scammed by my own friend, christian_fbi. He tried to take my Firey Gift of Lumber, 10k and blue wood for 1 boxed alpha I needed.


CursedDrag12 & Itswatarmalon Edit

He asks you to pay for the pink car first but asks you to send money to Itswatarmalon. After you send the money Itswatarmalon spawns another car which makes the pink to disappear.

Evidence :


He scammed me out of 2.5k (I know, not a lot, but still something!). I went to buy a ruki and he said 2.5k so I sent 2.5k as it was not a lot, he immediately said 10k and 60k after I sent the cash. Don't do deals with this guy!

Evidence (1):

Evidence (2):[http://


Scammed me out of my pink car full of giftz Edit


Was buying his end times axe for 3k ended up getting scammed Kept saying

That hes afk

Evidence -

D Edit


Scammed me out of a fire axe for 7K.

Proof (requesting verification):


File:ScammerLT2 Pic 1.png

He scammed my friend out of 55k. So my friend wanted to buy some axes from him and he said that he had to pay 55k for them which he did. Once my friend payed him, he was saying that he was lagging to get out off giving him the axes to my friend. My friend wasn't falling for this.

DauDeVezi_HD Edit

He scammed me for 7k while trying to buy an End Times Axe. I was shopping with my friend and we stopped at his land, where he told us the prices. I wanted to buy an End Times Axe and my friend wanted a Beta Axe. He started the trade with me first, he told me to pay him 7k and I did, while doing that he was asking my friend (Alex) to come trade with him too, because he knows that if he sees that I got scammed he will not be able to continue, which is what happened. After that he logged off.


darthmaglus25 Edit

He scammed me 10k for an alpha axe, he said he does trading and he left right after I sent the 10k, Evidence:

Dawson051 Edit

Scammed me for 5k for a fire axe. Says he doesnt scam then leaves when i give him the money
File:Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 00.51.52.png
File:Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 00.51.43.png
DeletedElexrate He scammed me for an fire axe.
File:Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 00.51.39.png


Scams axes when trading. I was trading 2 beta axes with him he took when of them and then he asked for the other one i did and then i told him to pay the 8k he just straight up left. blacklist him if you ever see him!



File:Dragon scam proof.PNG

Asks to help with your shop and then steals valuables. (Took 7 eyes and 1 skull)



Scammed on the same day with Tycho55, I once again, got scammed. He also mentioned that he was friends with GamingProgrammer. I never knew that. He took 300k from me.


Dantdmcray Edit

LTzen payed him 50k for spooky wood and he never gave it to him. He quickly left and unfriended fellow friends in game who could be witnesses to the scam scene.


DarmaoP1 Edit

FazeTurtle789 was trying to buy a piece of spook for 70k from DarmaoP1, the server was lagging and he accidentally put 700k, he wouldn't give the money back and put the spook in his base and then blacklisted him.


Note: FazeTurtle789 is on notable scammers, but the video link says private, so most likely somebody in the video added him here. Side Note: he might have privated it so people don't see the evidence.

devlin2012 Edit

File:Devlin20120 the scammer!.png

Tried to scam me of my axes and account! He was asking if he could borrow my account to "dupe my axes"

Note: He accepted my friend request, sometimes you can't trust your friends

davidlola3 Edit

I offered David 18k for one of his wobblebobbles. Shortly after sending my money, he left.


DavidRivera11 Edit

Does normal scamming like taking your money and leaves.


dedemadefakyu53 Edit

We had a deal my money for spook, then he chop the spook and give small piece.


dethdom Edit

Claims he has an axe, in this example, alpha axe, has you pay the money. He offered me alpha axe for 10k. Then soon after, he leaves the server.


Deathbringerxx10021 Edit

Duplicates axes and sells them to you for a cheap price. He then asks for them back because he doesn't have the original axe to duplicate with and when he gives it back he will leave the game and unfriend you. Sorry i didn't get evidence for that part but in the video you see he is doing suspicious acts like driving with my truck with my lava wood, and he opens my box with a wobble bobble.


DiamondStealer777 Edit

Does normal payment but at the end leaves the game. Plus if you are his friend and tell him that he did he will unfriend you. He is very nice until he started scamming.


dingusmanforlife Edit

He said he would give me an alpha axe for 2k and after I gave him the 2k he picked up the axe and left the game.


dillantk Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot08222016 225213560.png

He likes to scam people, because he thinks it's funny.

Dipplesticks Edit

This person took ALL of my items when I offered him some items that I was selling. I lost 200k and I really want my 200k back. The video will explain everything.


Depressed_Boy Edit

When you ask to buy something, he comes to your base and asks you to whitelist him, after you pay him the money. When you refuse to whitelist him after paying the money, he leaves the server.


DJFajar86Kings Edit

He scammed me for 150k!!! I needed sinister wood so i asked how much for all he could sell. He told me 5 sinister pieces for 150k. I then sent the money and he just left. Player was a friend of mine for a long while. After he scammed me i joined his game several times, and all he did was leave. I sent him a message leading to this site and he removed his name. So AVOID AT ALL COSTS. He is not trustworthy at all!


DJavan202 Edit

I noticed that he had stacks of sawmills and lots of small trucks and trailers. I still was stupid to try to trade him an alpha axe for a fire axe and recorded to see if he would steal, he did.



Scammed another player, FaultyButterBear, by saying he'd trade a piece of Spook Wood for a Pumpkin.


Doge_Donnie Edit

Admits he would scam a person himself, watch out for this guy, don't trust him.


DustpinOverLord (Dustpin123) Edit

I was about to sell him my spooky and sinister and he attempts to scam.


doktornffs & flugan10 Edit

File:Capture d’écran 2016-07-29 à 21.42.27.png
I sent 10k for beta box and they are gone, flugan10 saying that his keyboard was lagging and doktornffs in his car what taking him so he was able to keep the box. (Look carefully flugan10 and doktornffs, dok is taking his car so flugan can put the box in)

dryfly42 Edit


A true scammer. Goes up to one of my friends and tells him he wants work. Gets whitelisted and steals all of their axes. The axes were Beta, Alpha, Ruki and Fire. Then he unfriends him and leaves with the axes. He will seem nice until he scams you.


Caught by Spathi, his chat was logged thanks to the new chat, and I got him just in time scamming another user.


E Edit


Gave him a free Fire Axe to be nice, and he instantly tried to go and scam people. Although not scamming for much, could possibly be a problem in the future. Would not advise trying to trade with him.


El_SalvadorVera Edit

Has been hacking the game. Spawned Golden axe. Might have "banned" BananaFemale on game.

No current evidence. But past evidence of scamming.


Elton_Swag Edit

Intentionally glitched out a pink truck on my base. DO NOT trust him near cars. I told him to leave, he did, but came back and sent 2 pink trucks flying into the ocean.

emanishere189 Edit

Promised a Rukiryaxe for 3k. He came, gave him the money, and he left. Evidence is only viewed in the Chat log, I apologize but I hope it would be enough.


emanroldan27 Edit

When he pays you he go up your axes and item and get all of them and then he leaves the game.



Offers spook wood for 50k. Asks you to pay first, and then leaves.


(was only able to capture transaction aftermath)

Enquis, Enquix, Enquiz and SadLyfhe Edit

File:Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 07.29.41.png

They work together to scam someone, Enquiz bought something from me, but didn't even pay because his base was 'lagging' because of Enquis, after I wl-ed him, I forgot about that because Enquis and SadLyfhe were distracting me due to SadLyfhe flipping my trucks with my presents. Enquiz proceeded to steal my blue presents and axes, including the sporks. After that he said those axes were from his shop though it would've fit exactly into my axe shop (those axes weren't even on the pile that they were on. After that, they try to act friendly, eventually leaving.

File:Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 07.32.57.png

Evan030303 Edit

Do not trust him! He said that he was on the volcano and he saw a ruki axe that was mine. He said he would bring it to me if I whitelisted him. I played along because I knew he was lying, so then found him up in one of my buildings next to some axes that he was hoping to steal. And he said he did this to other players and got 5 rukis out of it.


explicitken Edit

He put a comment on a YouTube video saying he was going to start scamming, idk whether he did scam but it's best to avoid him.


Video that he commented on:

His profile link incase he changes his ign:


I wanted to buy a End Times Axe off him, I paid him 10k and he just left with the axe! Do not trust him.



Scammed Spathi and swagkiller033 out of 52k in total, spathi giving 7k, Swag giving 45k

El_SalvadorVera Edit

Has been hacking the game. Spawned Golden axe. Might have "banned" BananaFemale on game.

No current evidence. But past evidence of scamming.


F Edit


was a person in my server. offered me a boxed eye for 10k. Told me to send the money first. I did then he

File:RobloxScreenShot02112017 193055-726.png

said that I have been scammed. then says that I am on youtube and he recorded me being scammed so if anyone finds his channel, there will be even more evidence. he later laughs with his friends. then he leaves saying it was time to join another server to scam more people. leaves server with his friends

File:RobloxScreenShot02112017 193453-605.png

firework2468 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07072016 175907309.png

Scammed a lot of beginners and pros. Check the settings on each sawmill on the back of his base, they are DIFFERENT. Please try to avoid this guy.

FelipeAlvarez1410 Edit

File:ROBLOX 10 2 2016 7 22 52 PM.png

xXDrDogeXx asks if anyone was selling a unboxed fire axe, FelipeAlvarez1410 says that would offer him $4000 per axe. xXDrDogeXx states that he will buy two fire axes, then FelipeAlvarez1410 says he would give xXDrDogeXx two axes for $7000. xXDrDogeXx tells FelipeAlvarez1410 that he should do the trade away from his base as advice. xXDrDogeXx tells him that he wanted to buy both axes separately, FelipeAlvarez1410 agrees. xXDrDogeXx pays him $7000, He pays FelipeAlvarez1410 $7000. xXDrDogeXx wait for his axe outside FelipeAlvarez1410's Base, he looks at FelipeAlvarez1410 as he drives up the mountain with no axe.

File:RobloxScreenShot11042016 143044-830.png

FaultyJoao1 Edit

Scammed me out of fire axe, I offered a pirce of 8K for my fire axe, he said "4k now 4k later." He paid me 4K, I gave him axe. He said to wait wait wait, etc. then left server. I never got my other 4K.


I joined a server and I read through the chat logs and seen that this guy scammed a guy for an eyeball.



He scammed me for 15 k when i tried to buy palm wood from him. And then even for my end times axe!

Unfortunantly dont have any proof.
File:RobloxScreenShot11042016 143156-924.png


He is a serious scammer. He scammed me out of 50k. He was my friend. I was willing to buy an end time axe from him for 10k and he said you can buy all my axes for 50k. After I sent 50k, he blacklisted me out of his base and didn't even talk to me anymore and I got angry. He said "wait 10 mins dude" every time I told him to either repay me or give me the axes that he promised. He didn't listen. When he first said "wait 10 mins", it was 9.42 PM in my time and after 10 minutes I asked him, he said "wait 10 mins" again.


Screenshots of the chat, saying that he dupes.


Telling me to wait 10 more minutes to "get the axes he promised".

[3]His trucks that are filled with rare stuff and gifts. Marked with red rectangles. He also duplicates. One of his friends (talking in a different language) said something about dupli- something. You'll see that in the video. I also saw trucks full of stuff in his base and that might be a proof of him duplicating.

He apparently bullies people too

I totally have proof that he duplicates. Look at the photo with trucks. You'll see that there.

Never ever trust him or you'll be sad. Really.

He also have some friends that who probably aids him in duplicating. Not sure about his friends, but he totally duplicates.

Evidence :

faustao3211 Edit

faustao3211 has scammed WoodType21 and took 2 spooky and 1 sinister for 1 eye he ended up leaving after he got the wood then WoodTypes AKA my friend told me this guy only stole 2 spooky and 1 sinister not a big threat but still watch out for him if he starts to offer you say "no" and you have a choice of leaving the server or not.



Known for stealing a Bold And Brash in a team effort to deliver one to Jac16king. Broke a deal on who the painting would be distributed to. Stole $301,000 Money in value.


Approved by Trainlover123123.


I was being nice to him and took him with me to get End times wood. I had to whitelist him to allow him to pick up the wood and everything was going great. We got to the bridge and my friend messaged me and while i was replying FrothyBacon2195 had killed hmself and gone to my base and stole 3 sleigh gifts and 2 fire axes from my shop before I realised. I then messaged him to call him a thief and these pictures are proof of him scamming me and admitting to it. This all happened on Xbox One please be aware of him Andy avoid him at all costs.

G Edit


File:RobloxScreenShot06072016 154202977.png
File:RobloxScreenShot06072016 154259354.png

Player accidentally sent him 5k and said he wouldn't give it back unless I gave him an Alpha Axe. Then after another player was watching the chat I got a message saying gabriel had scammed him too.

Gamerilpro12 Edit

Wanted to buy an alpha box from me. He sent half the money and refused to pay the other half after I whitelisted him and he got the box. He then left the server. Look in the chat.

GavinVIP03219 Edit

Payed him 3K to get a end time axe, dropped it and whitelisted me for a moment, then picked it up and blacklisted me.


GoblinsFromMars Edit

Will tell the server he is selling assorted items, but will not give you the item he paid you for.


GoodLuther1234 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot01312016 133708583.png

He asks you if he can help you and when you don't look, he takes your trucks and sawmill.

GodOfSlayer123 Edit

Will ask if anyone wants to buy a gift, if player accepts he will ask for <??k> amount of money then if the player paid him he would run off and say "I dont scam" then leave the server.


Tried to threaten me by saying he gave me 10k and he would report me for scamming if i didnt give back.



Geckoco Edit

The maze man inside the maze, loves to scam people. Befriends you and then starts to steal you goods slowly, going unnoticed. Evidence:

Georgeandsheep Edit

Scammed 3k out of my friend after my friend tried to buy an axe. Didn't catch the real action, but caught the admittance. The usual axe scam. In the video, says "i can use the money i got from you to get a new car."


gumballsnakeman Edit

He scammed me out of 17 boxed alphas and 3 large pink trucks, worth about 440k in total. If you meet him is any server PLEASE LEAVE! He will persuade you and make LARGE deals.


File:I GOT SCAMMED $20K lumber tycoon 2

General_summoner Edit

General_summoner will ask everyone in the server to come to his vip server and to play on his vip server.

He then sends a friend request and later asks to whitelist him so he can help you he'll say it twice or thrice,

and if you whitelist him he'll take your stuffs.

Then he unfriends you and leave the server


File:RobloxScreenShot11242016 114829-50.png

He scammed me for 90,000 for an eyeball. said he would just drive to my base and id reload it, but Right after he says "k send" he just drove back to his base and left the game. He won't respond to my messages either. his base is full of duped items. He also states on his profile that" MY FILE GOT BANNED". I guess he has another account then. I would ignore buying things from this guy if possible.


This guy used to be my friend. So we did a simple deal 1100 robux for everything on his property after i payed him he left and blocked me.He is a very immature and tries to defend himself immaturely.

evidence audit logs below the scam

GSA Edit

He gave me a good deal with a fire axe for $721 and I trusted him and played with him for a few days until he stole my Sawmax 01. Sorry for bad video, but you could see the difference on my plot. OMG I DIDNT NOTICE BUT HE TOOK MY 19K TRUCK ASWELL



He said that he was selling an eyeball for 50k. I said that it was too much. So he half the price(25k). I gave him the money. Then he said that he had to reload his base so he doesn't lose the money and the eyeball. He then reloaded his base quite far away from his old location. Then he and I kept walking over to the new location. Then he opened the wrong container, and left...


H Edit

HeZx TeMpErZzZ

He scammed me out of a fire axe then refused to return it and threw it in the river Hitchach1994

he tricked me to buy some pumpkin heads then he told me to pay 15k then after he kept saying pay me more pay me 5k then he took the pumpkin heads and went on to scam other players



Payed him to buy an axe but after I payed him, he left without giving me the axe.


you maybe didn't see so good but thats my only proof!

harleydave8801 Edit

Wanted to buy 2 fire presents from him for 20k (10k each). He agrees, and then once I send him, he claims that I have not sent him any money, maybe trying to take more money from me. Soon after, he abruptly leaves the server. Please be very aware of him.



Wanted to buy a fire axe from me, sent half the money and left. Video:

hassanjebara Edit

User was selling Alpha Axe for the base amount everyone does; 4,000. Upon transferring, he claimed the axe was given and on my base. User was warned previously, as shown, that the video was being recorded. I was scammed of 4,000; but luckily I went on a Lava Wood run previously.


hihi1419 Edit

A duper, scammer, troll and steals from people. Also works with a user called tinhbadao147


Http_Creations Edit

I was gonna buy a noob head from him but i didnt want to buy it anymore and I said " can i have my money back because it is more expensive than 10K". Then he said "LOL!" and left


Hardway111 Edit

claims that he can dupe money as long as you send him the amount of money



Claims to be on his brother's account and that he is selling an eye that he does not want for 100k. He also stated that he has no idea what it is for.


homieyard Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot11142016 112908229.png
Sells stuff at a cheap price and refuses to leave his base to make the sale. Leaves after the user buys the wood.

haste90 Edit

He stole around 600k from me! Watch out!
File:Hugierhg87erg (2).png

hugierhg87erg Edit

File:Hugierhg87erg (1).png

I decided to try to make a deal with her to get an eye for 40k, but i declined and she made a offer to my other friend, who was scammed out of 40k

HippyMan557 Edit

File:Some Proof

Was going to buy a ball and a wobblebobble. Lied about not being able to press the menu button, and then left the game. Scammed out of both items as well as 2500$

I Edit

IamNoLongerExist Edit

File:IamNoLongerExist left the game without giving rukiryaxe.png

I was going to buy Rukiryaxe for 5k from him. When i sent him 5k, he left the game.

InpossibleUsername Edit

Sells me some presents for 275k, I pay 200k first then he just takes presents back to his base and leaves. I started recording a bit late sorry.


Ionut201 Edit

He kept saying he would trade a pink car for palm wood and when i got it he kept saying for me to whitelist him but (IGNORE THIS OR HE COULD TRY STEALING) so i got it for him and was bring over the palm wood like a normal trade then he blacklists me and somehow gets permission to chop it even though i didn't whitelist him.

Then after that he then even stated that he was a scammer and left, i have recordings of it happening


Ipinlontar1 Edit

File:Bandicam 2016-06-22 09-43-39-137.jpg

I was buying some pink wood from him for 5 beta boxes. I whitelisted him but he didnt whitelist me back. Instead, he unboxed every single beta box and said that he didn't want beta axes, he wanted boxes. I told him to give me back my axes then he said, "okey i give back But Wait To You DEAD" and left.



I mostly have the screen shot of the chat, but he was offering axes for other items and also selling them. When i mentioned reporting he left. osman22190 might have also been but not sure.


IsabellaBrewster Edit

She uses the seat unwhitelist trick, she lures you into her storage(no longer working).

Evidence: (from MyUsernamesThis)

iEnlightenedking Edit

Admitted to scamming when he accused me of being greedy and cheating.

iiMeIsNarwhal Edit

Scammed me out of 15k for an eye. Showed me the eye and put it into my truck and asked me to send the money. When I sent, he took it out of my truck and started walking around randomly saying his "mouse is being weird", then left.


Scammed me out of 2 eyes for 700 Robux. At least I didn't care.

Proof: ☀


iqbaljurit132 Edit

Hi My IGN is Lawlkid3 and (iqbaljurit132) came in the game saying that he had Spook wood, Sinister Wood, Gift boxes, and Axes for sale. I was the first to ask how much he sold spook for. at first he said 40k. so i gave him an offer. "6 spook wood for 60k"
File:RobloxScreenShot06172016 062247-479.png
File:RobloxScreenShot06172016 063500-649.png
He said "oke". he started loading my truck with the spook wood. there were 6 pieces I saw and so he said Send Now. I sent and said whitelist, and boom he started unloading my truck. so i reported him to roblox. caught it on video and i have 1 screen shot where i scrolled up on the chat and could only capture him telling me oke to the 6 for 60k. i think he might have had help. i'm not completely positive. but i do have proof that the name listed above. SCAMMED ME for 60,000 i even did the math and told him how much he should get for it so that he knew i was legit. I HAVE VIDEO BUT IT WONT GIVE ME AN OPTION TO UPLOAD IT.

the amount I had was $252,128 and I sent him 60,000 so it left me with 192,128. if you could please do something about this. that would be wonderful. Thank you for your time Defaultio and Original Forum editors And i would like to give a huge thanks for the game being so amazing. i play it everyday. Your the best Defaultio.

ItzR3 Edit

We were going to trade a ruiki and an end times axe for 1 fire axe.He took more than he was supposed to take.Then he told me that he promised that he would give me the axes on his base.We did the deal but he took the fire axe back.He said I left the axes on my base go there and get it.He told me to wl him while i went to his base.I didn't trust him so I took my stuff with me like presents,axes, and wood.When I got onto his base he bl me and i couldnt get my truck with all my stuff in it back.When he left the game the truck was there but when I got into it I lost connection.That means my presents(2 eyes, a couple pumpkins, and a noob head), my wood(End times wood),and my axes(most in my inventory but some in the truck)were all gone.The evidence is here but it doesn't show the part where I got my stuff and when he left the game trying to steal my truck.It also doesn't show the trailer behind my truck with my other eye,my axes, and a bit of end times wood.If any admins or Defaultio read this please believe me and please help me.Everything in that truck meant so much to me and I would appreciate if you guys would help me get it back or at least some of it back.My Roblox username is coolperson0714 if anyone wants to know.Thank you all for your time and I hope you all have a great day.


ixXIArmyTankIXxi Edit

Alt of futuresparks24. He scammed Zshvrtz, who is no longer a scammer, over 1 million worth of items in gifts, axes, and pumpkins. He was friends with Shadowdeath04, but now are worst enemies. Scammed items below.


iqbalnadzmi Edit

Probable alternative account of iqbaljurit132. Scammed 56Painkiller65, said he was buying 100 k worth of electric wood, gets delivered and pays reluctantly 40k before hand-over. Once the items are delivered, he just leaves, blaming it on lag. Once found again in other games and asked to pay, he says "ok" and then pretends to lag and exits.

Evidence : and

Plus, on his account page his mood is set to : "Finally,I got my account back.I'm so exited."

J Edit

JeromeCollier Edit

Scammed me by tricking me to buy beta boxes for 4k each. When I agreed to the deal, I told him to bring it to my base;I blacklisted him and payed him. He got a friend of his to frame me for scamming him after I payed. He then said "the deal is off " then took the axes back, left the game and never returned.

File:RobloxScreenShot11302016 000207927.png


Tried to buy fire axe from him but got scammed 5K. He picked it up and left.


Jackerchief71 Edit

He scammed someone for 100 Money and left the server.

File:RobloxScreenShot12032016 175029024.png


He scammed me with his "friend" wizzgamer. I transferred Jake the 15k but then Jake whitelisted wizzgamer so he could pick up the axes. Jake then said that wizzgamer "hacked whitelist" while they were in a Skype conversation with each other and I didn't get whitelisted at all ,so I didn't get the axes (later I gained his trust and wizzgamer gave me his Skype and the Skype of Jake. I'll post the conversations of both if needed.

I didnt get the money back from JakeTheLumber and neither the axes from wizzgamer.


Janrobert25 (HOT PINK) Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07172016 233531764.png

Scammed me for a pumpkin boxed.

Jasfranz0091 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot06072016 021340-426.png

He scammed me of 2 of my spook a long time ago. But still enough evidence.


Jason52015 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07042016 222940119.png

Friended me, and talked with me for a long time, he asked for rukiryaxe and sold him and he didnt pay me and just left the game and unfriended me after sending a message "lol you idiot far too trusting"

File:Bandicam 2017-02-11 11-58-44-301.jpg

Javierstringer Edit

File:Bandicam 2017-02-11 11-59-46-795.jpg

Hello, I am Jackyliu009 and I sell axes. Recently, Javierstringer scammed me out of 1/2 of a fire axe. I asked for 10k and he asked for a 50/50 trick. He paid 5k, and I gave him a fire axe, left my base and went to his base, reloaded, and left the game with the other 5k he owes me. I asked him for the other 5k, then he accused me of scamming. BE CAREFUL, SOME PEOPLE CAN USE 50/50 TRICKS TO SCAM!


Got on the server and started offering Robux for sale, which we all know is a lie and a scam. Then he offered to give people 10,000. Then he offered an Alpha Axe for sale. We all told him we were uninterested since this is all typical scammer stuff. Then he started harrassing me to whitelist him. Then threatening that if I didnt give him 1,000, then he would never stop harrassing me.

Evidence: [[4]]

Jesus7666 Edit

This guy worked for me a lot times.He was my friend, I thought I trusted him, but when he worked for me, I forgot I had him whitelisted. He stole a lot before but didn't get the evidence. I just got evidence a while ago.


jett805 Edit

So I was minding my own business and this dude walks up to me. And he says "Can I buy an alpha axe" And i said ok. We then preside to make the deal when he says "Give me the axe first" I say okay and proceed. I give him the axe and he then says "jk I am not giving you the money"


jhon_000 Edit

I was playing some lumber tycoon, and this guy named jhon_000 said i want to give you a axe and said that i should whitelist him (i didnt) and i pretended i did it so he went to my base trying to steal my Sawmax 02. He also had really good stuff which he obviously stealed from some poor guy

I am another person but I was buying 2 fire axes from him for 4k and he gave me the axes and we didnt scam each other so I don't know if he is a scammer or not.


Jim63FourFun Edit

So me and my friend was playing, then he asked if we wanted free axes, so my friend denied and i investigated, and i ended up finding a box he said for us to go in, it had a lever and a bunch of axes that could damage you, and i got him to trigger it, but i lived, then he said i was kid and left.


jiscuit1301 Edit

I gave him 5k for a red ball then he said thanks :D and blacklisted me.



Says his friend showed him how to dupe money and he will dupe yours if you give it to him, but the dupe only works if you give him all of it.


John_Sam Edit

Scammed tranmyletien2000 for 20k in a transaction of 5 fire axes for 20k. Leaves immediately after scam.


jonathon232341 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot08022016 175044065.png

Scams people of their axes and accuses people of scamming

JonahWjz Edit

this guy scammed me, he was like Can you give me 3 loads of lava wood for 45k? which is all I have?

I was hesitated but I agreed. After giving him 2 loads, he was like OMG MY BATTERY IS AT 1% and he said "I'LL TRANSFER 30K SINCE YOU GAVE ME 2/3 LOADS " and he said " TRANSFER TRANSFER" and then he left. Please never do a deal with him guys.

I tried to trade a lot of palm wood to him/her and then proceeded to put it in his sawmax. After i put the wood in his sawmill, I asked for the amount of money we agreed on then he/she repeatedly called me a scammer and blacklisted me and didn't pay me the money.


Joshuapecayo123 Edit

Scammed tranmyletien2000 for 20k in a transaction of 5 fire axes for 20k. Leaves immediately after scam.


Joro61 Edit

I asked if he would offer to sell me a rukiry axe. I gave him the money for it [6.5K] then he immediately left the game/Server. I don't really care because it's just apart of my series.....


Ja5gs Edit

I tried to buy some end times wood from him. I used codeprime8's strategy, where you pay half price, then half later to prove their not a scammer. I did this and only lost half. (good thing) He also had a "sister" defending him FURIOUSLY.


File:ROBLOX 11 7 2016 11 03 50 PM.png

Jordan20032412 Edit

He had scammed forbidengamer of 2 truckloads of glow wood and had hacked into the account shown above.

juniel1234x Edit

he was buying and eye for 10k from my friend iiVenoix and only payed for half of it because Ven wld him before paying the other half (big mistake) heres evidence

File:Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2 scam - episode -4 of catching scammers

Jzamora16 Edit

This person scammed 1738aaa17 of 21,000 dollars for 3 eyes.


File:RobloxScreenShot11242016 093554-836.png

K Edit


File:RobloxScreenShot02202016 095344135.png

Failed to give axes the next day due to the fact buyer had to leave. Next day kept leaving server when buyer joined. Sheilapopcorn123 is a witness.

kaneki1211 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot03052016 164153821.png
First give you an axe for free, then he will tell you don't ask his sister, after that he will friend you and go to your base, do NOT whitelist him. he will steal your sawmill and axe.
File:RobloxScreenShot03052016 170349274.png

kankerGamerNl & xXxwolfieXx Edit

Tries to sell you a boxed alpha axe for 50k and then leaves.



Tries to sell you a very piece of lava wood ranging from 30k to 15k. After you pay him, he leaves.


Karatekid727 Edit


karmkaru132 Edit

He says in the chat: Who want to buy alpha or fire axe?, then I said: Me, to buy both axes i needed to pay him 19k I did, then he left.


Offered to sell three large pieces of spook wood for $30,000. I said "I'll give you $10,000 and then you can give me the first piece. I'll keep doing so two more times so it sums it to $30,000 and I know you won't scam me." She agreed to do so. I sent her the $10,000. She then said reloaded and said she was "saving", then she reloaded. She then whited me, but before I could get the wood, she "lost connection". More explained from the YouTube video.


kevin9671111 Edit

Tries to trade you a lot of stuff for pink wood, but he will scam you, then will ask for 2.


To everyone I have every scammed I am sorry, join me and I will give back whatever I scammed you of. As for pokemonwangj, I will give you the items I scammed you with.


this guy first takes the money for an axe then leaves without giving the axe (in my case 6000) loss to me. he rejoins acting friendly and trying to give the axe but asking more money saying we gave 20% less or so and so
File:His chat of his scam.png

kimimoto54 Edit


He tries to sell you pink wood and other types of wood and when you give him money, he pretends it says "error" and he leaves. He also charges $100k for pink wood and $30k for a pink door. But it is all a scam.

Killerraz Edit

Once you buy an axe on him, he attempts to take you into a chair trap.


KingAli17 Edit

I had him whitelisted to use my car to bring back electric wood, and he went right to my base and stole everything. Is a liar and a thief. Do NOT trust!!


kingxd159 Edit

Scammed a player out of 10k dollars, and duped axes in public before selling to customers. Not trust able, and if you see this player in game avoid all contact.


kdog3004 Edit

he tried to scam me out of a alpha box and when i put it on his base he blacklisted me but luckly i got it back


kjw8494 Edit

File:Kjw8494 scamming 20k from me
I told her I wanted to buy a yellow head from her (which costs 15k) and an alpha axe (5k). The total was 20k so I sent the money to her. She brought me into this room (see video). I wasn't able to pick up the two objects I clearly bought. She then tells me to whitelist her because apparently "it doesn't work unless I whitelist her" and that "maybe it will work".. I wasn't dumb enough to fall for her tricks, so I called her out. I said if she doesn't give me back my 20k then I'm reporting all of this to Defaultio and this website. She tells me "if you whitelist me and let me have one of your axes, i'll give you back your money and the things you bought", but again, i wasn't stupid! So I gave her 5 minutes. She completely left after that. All proof is below.

Knnight Edit

Me and my friend were going to buy a large fire wood for 10k, since my friend's send button wont work, i did it for him, we recorded it thankfully. He said that he cant be banned. He took the fire wood back on his base, His base is crazy full of duped items. He left with the wood AND my 10k, he didnt even care that we were recording him and he just left. He needs to be Permabanned because it looks like he scammed lots of people and dupes. DO NOT TRUST!!!


kreativemindz321123 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot08142016 202614-650.png
File:RobloxScreenShot08142016 203640-702.png

tells you that he will sell you an axe, like the alpha axe, even showing you he has it.After payment he will drop an axe which is worth much less than the axe you are trying to buy , in my case it was a cheapo axe from wood r us (most likely the first one you buy i couldnt tell).

Kyle30b Edit

Kyle30b said he was selling boxed alphas for 10k. He moved away from his base with the boxed alpha to gain my trust. After I paid him he said okay, hold on and picked up the axe and went back to his base and blacklisted me. When my friend told him to give me axe or money back, he told my friend that I scammed him and then left the game.



Killrule said that hes selling glow wood (not cavecrawler wood) for me for 20k, when i payed him the amount he left the server,leaving me with 90k.

File:RobloxScreenShot09142016 223510056.png

He also said that it costs 15k,then changed the price to 20k, to get more money off of me

kody_1317 Edit

I went into his shop and checked what he was selling. A bunch of Starter Structures (Sawmill and Car) He also had a Rukiryaxe and Fire Axe. So I asked how much was the fire. He said 7k. So we met at Wood R Us for the Axe. As soon as I gave the money, he leaves. WOW.



File:Lumber Tycoon 2 Catching Scammers -3

He first told me that he has discounts if you buy more than 1 axe at once,

then I told him I want 2 fire axes for 15k and he said ok.

When I sent him the money he told me to give him 5k more.

I said no because he first said 15k and then he just took the axes back to his base and left.

kyloren00012 Edit

I'm IRL friends with him,and with RalfsDulevskis too. We were on a skype call,and RalfsDulevskis decided to help kyloren00012. He gave him 32k but asked him to give it back after a while (Not in picture). He never did. He even said in skype chat he doesn't care about that (Look at picture).He even tried to make RalfsDulevskis a scammer with yelling 'YOU GOT SCAMMED LOLOLOLOL' when RalfsDulevskis was trading money for end times axe with one guy.

File:Kyloren0012 the scammer.png

Proof: Skype chat

Please don't remove this as this IS NOT fake.


When my friend josemmoya reseted she stole the axes

and i told her to five them back and she did not give them

she told me to give her 400k i didnt have the money

and she blacklisted us and she left.

Prove coming soon...

dont remove this is 100% REAL

L Edit

l Apahchhii lEdit

So I successfully traded with him so I forgot to unwhitelist him so he made his friend lure me to get gold wood then I came back and saw all my stuff scattered around my base and he was yelling to his friend to reload his base so he can steal it

I have no video but pictures are here

lancealltheway100 Edit

Went to buy a boxed beta off him for 25k, and he scammed me, I would like something done, as I have added a few people who have scammed me, I'm gonna end up not playing any of Defaulito's games, if he or someone doesn't do something about these scammers, There's more scammers, then there are players


Lackkingv1 Edit

Scammed Irfan_slurp 45K for an eye. After payment he drives the car with the eye back to his base and leaves.


ledieproperty Edit


He would bring out the axe to sell you would pay him he would bring the axe back into his place blacklist you and laugh at you

likeme143 Edit

This player tells you that everything is for 5k, you pay him and then he leaves the game without giving you anything, he has also been noted for writing 'hahaha' every time you ask him for an item and when you ask him if this is a scam.

lilsilas Edit

Scammed me a piece of end wood. My friend did record this. It can be found here:

LimitedUXx Edit

My friend got scammed 10k from him. He did the usual "Send money and leave" trick.

Evidence: < The chat while the scam happened < Aftermath

Lipometar Edit


littleguner300 Edit

After I sent the money, he said that he didn't got it even though he did. After what happened in the video, he said that he was just kidding and will give me the axe. Turns out it was just another lie.


LastedSoul Edit

He did made a video telling that he scammed a guy.


Loleydude Edit

Asks if you want to buy eyes. Claims that a hacker shut his game down "last" time he sold the eyes. Upon request (assumed), takes the eyes in a truck close to his base (after reloading his near yours), takes the eyes out of his truck, reloads, and leaves.



he and his "friend" were getting end times wood and were going to split it 50/50 but logan did something and made them loose it im not exactly sure because i wasent down there but heres the evidence

File:Roblox Lumber Tycoon 2 scam - episode -3 of catching scammers


Stole all my stuff and hacked everyone on the server and took 2m from me and my 20 ruki and 10 more alphas.


love0981231 Edit

Selling 50K for eye, buying it and gave him 50K and he said 'lol it was just 10K, thanks for all your money.' And he left.


loverbo8 Edit

Asked if I wanted a Ruki axe for 3k, I said sure and I gave him 1.5k, and told him to give me axe then I'd pay him 1.5k again. He said "No I been scammed to many times" I felt him, so I payed him 1.5k and then he picked up his axe and left.

Evidence: (Took pic a little late, I was at his base, then he just left and someone else joined and took it.)

lowers1259 Edit


he keeps asking people to whitelist him so he would give them free spooky/blue wood but fortunately nobody fell for it

it's been going on for 40 minutes HE DOESN'T STOP

Ludde33334 Edit

He was giving a guy a boxed eye for 9k. The guy paid him 9k and he proceeded to walk back to his base with the boxed eye.

LuiCalibre0946 Edit

I paid him for a fire axe and then he left the game

lulongakosadroga123 Edit

People think I am stupid giving the Glow wood to him when he didn't even pay, but I am a scammer hunter so everyone knows, this guy. lulongakosadroga123 said for 20k he would buy 2 glow wood from me I gave it to him to test his trust factor, just so he could leave the game with it.

M Edit

MelloCollasal (RED)

Scammed me out of 200k worth of boxed eyeballs. I've been scammed 3 times TODAY. He put the stuff near my base but the blacklist weren't strong enough and he got the stuff back. AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS here is link to his profile and a link to proof (proof) (Profile)

M4tMicMars Bro

He acts like the famous youtubers brother MatMicMar and we made an agreement for me to buy 10 eyes for 150k so i said I will send75k then reload then send the other 75k but when I sent the first load of money he very quickly left the game making me a little mad.

Mohammadtareq123 Edit

He was wondering around my base while I was chopping down oak wood and making it into planks, and he told me he will come back and he got in one of my pink cars and bugged it out. He refused to pay for it or give me a new one.


Majkodominik Edit

He told me he would pay me 10k for getting would for him but he left before he paid me.

MammothTyler_a Edit

I was searching for someone who want to buy my pink car and I found one. He wanted to trade the pink car with a lot of wobblebobbles (i love wobblebobbles). After giving him the pink car, he left without giving me wobblebobbles


Makoo444 Edit

He scammed me 20k he was selling a yellow head thing (idk what is that) and here the video.



I was surfing lobbies trying to find someone selling betas and I was buying one for 5k and he picked it up, reloaded, and then left. All the while i'm telling him I was recording and that hes going to be banned.


Masonbibb Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot06212016 142424-231.png

My friend nile543 and I were trading 10k for a painting. Nile then gave me 10k, except he accidentally sent it to masonbibb. Once he realized our mistake, he thanked us for the money, said he wouldn't be giving it back, then left the server.

There is also a video of what occurred



Said that he was selling End Time Axes for 10K, reasoning that the axes were 50K to make. Dropped it to 4K so I could afford it. Thought I had paid him 4K and so he promptly picked it up. Attempted to negotiate with him, refused to do so. Also said that I was a scammer.


MasterChief5234 Edit

My friend Jeremyizbossssisalt was going to trade with him, he knew he would do it so he didnt whitelist him, he put some of the axes MasterChief5234's land and went to get more, he turned around to find out that he left, MasterChief5234 didnt know that the axes didnt save with his land because he wasn't whitelisted and he left the axes behind, my friend did get the axes back as you will see in the video.


masterkiller67893 Edit

Made me and my friend buy 7 eyes,after my friend sent the money,he sayd i need to send him money and he is giving the eyes,then i sent him the money and he just sayd thx lol and left.


MasterGadroen Edit

File:Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 14.40.05.png

Was trying to sell 2m for 700 robux and tried to scam me.

Master0Vlog0Gamer Edit

At 4:40 PM 6/21/2016 Master0Vlog0gamer Asked me if i wanted to buy some axes, i responded by saying whatcha got. He promptly told me he had rukiry, alpha and beta axes, So I said how much, And he responded saying 5k for alpha and 2k for beta. So i told him i would take them thinking it probably was not a scam due to the reasonable prices. Sadly though, I was wrong, I told him to drop the axes to lower the chances of a scam, he dropped the axes and i gave the money. He promptly picked them up and left.


Someone Else's Evidence:

medelmeion Edit

Scammed me for 40k, said he was going to sell me an End Times Axe, gave him his original request of 15.5k he then asked for my truck, or 19k. He goes to his base and I follow. He blacklists me and leaves the game. I took screenshots of the chat after he left


Mewdewew Edit

He sell fire axe to someone else, so i think he is not scammer and then he steal 20k from me.


Scammed me 16k, said he was going to sell me an End Times Axe, I gave him the cash and he asked for 20k, then he proceeded to ask me for 200k. He then picked up the axe and left the game without giving me my axe.


Mellbus11 Edit

The typical give me your money for axe and than I live crap.


melodywilliamss Edit

Scammed me for 6k laughs and yells, "Free money!" and when you ask for it back he says, "Make me!"


michaelman1 Edit

He scammed me for 9k and NitroretroOfficial for 20k and in the end he didn't give us our money or package, and lied that we scammed him a while ago. (michaelman1 scamming NitroretroOfficial and AlexJokerOfficial)


He also ask for more money and will not give anything.He also scammed my friend WiseSammy he stole his glow wood and alpha axes and said he would give but he didn't instead he wanted more glow wood for the 40k he was gonna give WiseSammy (michaelman1 scamming Calvin833)



He scammed me for 6k for a fire axe. I gave him the money then left the game after that.


Mightyconner12345 Edit

He said he would give me glow wood aka electric wood for 3 beta axes. I gave him it after he put it in his truck then he pulled back in his plot and left.

Mike50205 Edit

He is not a total scammer but he wants you to whitelist him because he wanna test your axes, i said he could just chop down 1 tree, then i gave him my rukiryaxe and he chopped down the tree and dropped the axe but didnt whitelist me. He said he was going to his base but he was just going to get his truck to mess with my lava planks, mess with my conveyors, sawmills and my land sign. Then he drove me to the volcano and killed himself on the truck.



He scammed one of my pink trucks, we had a deal to trade 5 glow wood with my pink truck but when we were about to reload and save our bases, we whitelisted each other and just when i reload my base, he suddenly removed me from his whitelist, he reload his base and saved my truck to his base and lost his glow wood planks... I know it was stupid of him to do that, thinking that he might still keep the glow wood after reloading... Now, neither of us have the glow wood but the worst case scenario is that he got my pink truck!


Mirajane18 Edit

File:Scammer 4.JPG

Keeps asking me to whitelist so he can help me dupe my items which is not true all he really wants to do is steal all my stuff.

Mr_LimitedTrader Edit

File:The absolute mess that is all the stolen items.png

Dupes signs and steals other people's stuff. Can tell because they are all placed in a rushed fashion. Sawmax's also have different measurements, indicating he/she has indeed stolen them. Defends themselves FURIOUSLY against duping/stealing.


MonsterOwnerGreat stole all my axes from my inventory which are: Ruki, fire, alpha and beta. I believe he used an exploit to forcefully get them as he openly admitted to doing so.


MoonFeathers Edit

I tried to buy both a fire axe and alpha axe from her, but never got them. I don't care if I lost money, I just want people like this to leave LT2 alone.


mojacarlos Edit

She scammed my Alpha Axe and laughs before she left the game,although its only 1 Axe,what if I had no axes and money left,I would be worthless in the game.She also keeps asking me to whitelist her so she can steal my axes,trucks and sawmax's. She also keeps asking me to sell more alpha's to her but I would not sell because she scammed me earlier and probably wants to wipe out my axes.

Video Evidence:

Mojo925 Edit

scammed ny friend 20k. NEVER TRUST HIM


Myjared12 Edit

He is Alyamen05 cousin, alyamen is also on list. This guy is a noob scammer he stole my glow wood , also on youtube he scammed someone else , his old name was Demonhero619.


myloveisbigger Edit

He said he was selling Rukiryo Axe for 5k, I said okay and went to his base to buy it. But then, after I paid him, he left the game.


MysticRift Edit

Someone was buying an axe from him, and he said that the person had already picked it up

But I have proof that he didn't and MysticRift still has it


masterminduser Edit

I was buying his End Times Axe for just 11k and he just left as I gaved the money too him, he's just pretending that he actually drop and gave the axe.

File:RobloxScreenShot12152016 164841011.jpg

Here's some Evidences:

File:RobloxScreenShot12152016 163734889.png

mincrafter1600 Edit

Scammed my friend out of a boxed candy cane axe and a sweet gift. Was told to pay 17k but lied about his home being deleted.


25matrut Edit

Scammed by attepting to sell two axes for 6,000. Blacklisted me and then proceeded to go and hide in his box before leaving the game.



File:RobloxScreenShot12152016 163734889.png

N Edit

nathanangaar Edit

I (EnderNova1) bought two end walls from him (don't ask why) as I didn't see his name on this list. When I whitelisted him because I was trading palm wood I bought from another player to him to lessen the price of the end walls. He placed the walls on my plot, and I thought that was the end of it. But no, he stole three of my alpha axes. When I asked for it back, he kept procrastinating. I gave him until Friday, and then until Sunday (I ended up being busy Friday) to return my axes, which he did not.

I researched his name and found this video (Not Mine) of him scamming another player. - (In the comments of this video, he said he was young and hungry. This was actually posted a few hours BEFORE the scamming, and he also said the same thing to me, about wanting to give me five of the axe type, in my case and alpha in theirs being a fire)

I also have several images of me trying to get the axes back, which I will include here:

Also, the following Roblox account, LordToRn, has him listed as a scammer (Not Much proof but it's something):

Note: I don't have actual proof of my ignorance. Such a surprise. I bought the stuff, he put it on my plot, and silently stole my alphas, later saying it was to see if I had noticed. Obviously, I did. I also thought for a bit he was my friend, which he has obviously proven to me that he is not.


He scammed 40K from me offering to buy spooky wood, He's indonesian, so be careful and avoid him all costs...


Newasphall Edit

Accidentally sent him 7k. I asked him to send it back and I would get him a car and give him 1k. He then sent me a friend request, laughed, unfriended me, and left the game.


niguel122 Edit

He sells you great items for cheaper than they really are, but still expensive. Then he asks for money, (in my case he was stupid enough to drop his items on my lot, then I blacklisted and payed him just in case, but he still got his axe back and then left.) he steals your money.

Evidence: or right down here:

File:Scammer niguel122

ngarimu626 Edit

Some dude was gonna by a fire axe from me for 10k. He payed 5k first and I gave him the axe. Then he was supposed to pay the other 5k, but he left instead

Evidence: Edit

nickiro2 Edit

A shop owner who sold a boxed blue ball for 1k. After he brought the box, i payed him and he went to his base with the box, running away with the money. He also called me a robber in an attempt to play the victim card, but as shown in the evidence. this is proven false.


nhoklinhlaanh Edit

He kills you and asks you to whitelist him so he can bring you your axe or he reloads so it becomes him in this video though KingDJ250 ended up thwarting his plans in the end, saving people's axes.


Ninesh12345678 Edit

Thief of lava wood that has been thrown down Volcano. Guard your wood against him. Will defend himself immaturely by insulting you. Avoid if possible.


noobpojken Edit

He said he will sell me a boxed beta for 8k. When I sent him the money he said that I didn't send him. Then a guy took the beta axe because noobpojken stole it from him. Then he left the game.


nasrulaiman Edit

Claims to sell axes for cheap.When he receives the money,he blacklists you then leaves.


NexusGXZ Edit

He sells all axe for like 12k on Alpha, Beta, and Ruki. I told him that I have all axe but End Times so I buy his end times for about 3k. Then I gave him the money and basically he left.

File:This is NexusGZX who scammed me


O Edit

OVERimagin8er Edit

I got scammed by the player known as OVERimagin8er Proof:

oRobbi Edit

Claims to be selling an End Times axe for 19k. Takes the money and then blacklists. Works with ooMario.


ooMario Edit

Claims to be selling an End Times axe for 15k. Takes the money and then blacklists. Claims to have duped it. Works with oRobbi.



File:Obayjr the axe thief.

He was whitelisted by my friend FirstNameBestName. Ended up taking the axes from his base without consent.

OfficialWilliam Edit

File:Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 21.11.10.png

This person says as soon he goes on your base, he says the menu button disappears which means he can't whitelist you. He scams a number of people in one server at a time and Scammed a player 500k.

outsmartskater Edit

I wanted to buy a End Axe. Outsmartskater then offered 9,000 for his End Axe, I payed for it then recorded ,but Fraps failed to work. He then dropped the axe, I couldn't pick up the axe with no name on it what so ever. He tried again, but then I was black listed by his buddy named realdantdm48.


File:RobloxScreenShot12172016 231947-357.png

ODOGG911 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot12172016 231744-857.png
He Said he got a deal for me so i went to his base and he was gonna give me Fire Axe, Alpha Axe Boxed, Sinister Wood, and Glow wood for 50K. He put it in his truck and drove it to my base i paid then he ran away, he got to his base and got off so i tried to get it back but i couldn't. Happen on 12/17/2016 11:12 PM EST. And on his about me board it says that he is a trusted seller do not trust at all.
File:RobloxScreenShot12172016 232004-606.png

My username: Jackhammer07

Evidence: Sorry for crappy resolution

P Edit

phjonathanriza Edit

My ingame name is : CaptainFurtail.

phjonathanriza wanted to buy 10 boxed turkeys from me, after he was declined the request to buy all my turkeys. Shortly after, he wished to trade an Enlarged Ostrich Eyeball from the Halloween event for my 10 boxed turkeys. I agreed and began to record the transaction, where I was to pay the turkeys first. He then reloads when I have him whitelisted, and goes to my base (maybe thinking that I still have him on whitelist and forgot to un-white him), and demands for 5 more pumpkins. He is persistent in asking for 5 boxed pumpkins, but when I decline and demand for my bought eyeball, he leaves the server.

Evidence (video form):


He scammed Stinkycheese132 for 6 endtimes axes. I sent him 100k and he left with his axes. He is a majour scammer. DO not buy from him



He scammed Puppylove18920047856 5k for a axe, that means he probably scammed lots of people since he had lots of axes.

Papsa12 Edit

He was whitelisted by Dragon. While Dragon was afk, Papsa12 stole everything valuable (A car, a Sawmax 01, a Sawmax 02 and a Saw) from Dragon's base. I caught him in the middle of this scam and went on to confront him as to why he would do that and betray Dragon like that. I then told him I would put him on the Notable Scammers list on the Lumber Tycoon 2 Wikia. He responded with, "I don't care" - "I work alone." He then left the server with everything he took.


Patodactyl Edit


So my Friend SpicyGreatAnatoliy got scammed from an offer Patodactyl is making. He said it would be 10k for the fire axe and candy cane axe. Seems cheap to be sold for, but my friend went and pay him. No response from him for a

File:Download (7).png
File:Download (8).png
few minute till when he comes back. My friend told him about the axe and he said "I forgot". I told him if he doesn't give the axe or the money back, he starts to freak out and says "stop it". He still refuse and said that the axe was suppose to be 13,000, which he never said that. He starts calling us bullies but never gave the axe back. Before I went to post on the wiki, he said that his base was a scam

success which was odvious he is a scammer.

File:Download (6).png
File:Download (5).png

Paulp5 Edit

This guy said he was selling a piece of spook for 8k. He saw that I was wearing a Harambe costume so he changed to get my trust. Then, I gave him my money, 40k in total. He even said he scammed me and left. He did this when my friend was around, he saw the whole thing happen. Here are one of the chat pics.

PhantomXero Edit

Stole my cavecrawler wood on my base. Refused to give it back after multiple attempts. Eventually he sawmilled it and left.


philmer3211 Edit

This user sells items to you. Once you buy he asks to go to your base and then he asks for you to whitelist him, once you whitelist him, he goes into your shop and steals your axes. And then he leaves.



File:Another roblox scam

tried to buy axe he put it down after i payed he took the axe back up and left the game



He told me he woud sell his eyeball for me for 30k. I accepted it (how stupid of me) and when I gave the money he asked me where my base was. I showed him and he wanted me to whitelist him. I asked him why and he doesent answer (i dont understand what he said) and when i ask him again he just demands for whitelist. And from here I KNEW he was a scam. The video explains it all.




File:Robloxapp 20160602 0821409
Video looks like it explains itself... I didn't post this but I caught the video just sitting here.


potatotj Edit

This guy was selling an eyeball for 8k

When he said that, I knew 99,9% sure it was a scam. But because the amount of money was so low, I risked it. I'll never do that again


PotatoGaming06 Edit

  • Try to sells a fire axe despite have only one.
  • Tell me to Whitelist when he is inside my base, claiming that will do "cool thing" to give rare axe.

Evidence: User blog:Panpoppular/Panpoppular vs scammer ep.1

Protoarchaeopteryx Edit

File:Stolen spook 2.JPG
File:Stolen spok.JPG

Stole my spook wood and claims he is now going to sell it to a mod on the wiki so that the mod can fuse the spook wood together with more spook wood. I dont know how this is possible but he said it.

savagekid67713- have proof that a person named Protoarchaeopteryx scammed me of an eye 


PonsoHokage and TheOnlineNinga04 Edit

He scammed all I have, I know it was wrong in trading but idc now, let It be, this guy stole me 900k and 10 pieces of spook , I was late in recording but he completed talking, and that is big proof, also the 900k in scam is another proof, here are 2 videos because the first video ended, I hate this guy, he deserves a ban, I lost all I got 3 times, I'm very mad! Btw , PonsoHokage is the main account which has robux for him.


Watch this also:

PanosXXX121 Edit

So I wanted to buy all of his presents and it costed 500k. I told him I was recording but he didn't care, so I payed anyways then he asked "we go to palm wood", so I said "wait give my items first :(" he then said "we go to Electric wood then i white you",then i said "NO!" then he left . I recorded the whole thing and uploaded it to Youtube, please feel free to watch the video.


Patterik10 Edit

So i wanted to buy the yellow head from him, he said 8k then i was ok i payed him then he left after. I have video proof.



Scammed an player out of 75k for an eyeball. After the buyer paid him, the seller just blacklisted him. This video is not my footage.

Evidence :


After 2 failed phantom wood attempts, me (MBird122) and jcfrisch03 and tiktoktom wanted to buy a eye. pembunuh26 was selling one for 60k, after i paid him he asked for another 14k he left the eye on the ground and returned to his base without white listing me, me jcfrisch03 and tiktoktom proceded to cover the eye with cars and a BIG GIFT, pembunuh26 admitted to scamming and left, poor fool deleted his only eye.

File:Puckyou0 Scammer on Lumber tycoon 2


This scammer scammed me out of 6k I sent him 6k to buy a rukiry axe but he got the 6k and left proof

Pudija178 Edit

He offered me to trade 6k for a fire axe, he threw the fire axe on the floor, and as I sent him the 6k he had asked for, keeping up my side of the deal, he picked up the fire axe and left the game.


Q Edit


File:RobloxScreenShot07232016 161042065.png

Said he was giving away all his stuff and was going to put them on my base while I was on the island. He began saying he was in a hurry because he needed to go to his mom's funeral. Then he said I needed to WHITELIST him so he could place the items, luckily enogh I was smart enough to not do it. Photo of chat:

R Edit


I was on a game and he comes up to me and askes to buy his sleigh for 1mil. i thought it was a reasonable price so i said ok. then he said ok pay the money. then i pay him the money and he says ok one sec im gonna bring it to your base. i said ok and within a minute he dissapeared. dont buy from him.


Im known as LeToastyMaple on Roblox. I was offered an eye for 30k by this guy. I talked him down and paid 25k, but he took the money, the eye, and left the server. I caught him on video.


My email if you cant see the video:

reydaug5 Edit

I, ExcellentXman was scammed by reydaug5.

He said he sold CaveCrawler wood, but he scammed meRiyanRbxTycoon06

YourFriendAlex was scammed by RiyanRbxTycoon06

File:RobloxScreenShot11022016 052920-716.png

He say that he sells end time axe and he show it but he said money first ,

my friend send the money and he didnt give the axe and he laugh and say

" Im Scammer " .


savagekid67713 was scammed by racecarking11



Scammer ReallyFunGames 150K for 2 eyes. Brings the eyes back to his base, blacklist's him and leaves the game.



Ask people to buy an Alpha Axe still in a box, faceslam8025 has the proof.


rick2345678448 Edit

Scammed me out of an axe for 7k.



Says he'll sell you rare items for a really good deal, then he acts like he's lagging and leaves.



File:RobloxScreenShot06142016 033951-254.png

Pretends to sell axes, but doesn't whitelist the buyer after said buyer pays for the axes. Asks the buyer to whitelist him so he can 'drop them on their base. If the buyer refuses to whitelist him, he leaves the server with the axes.

Evidence: (See Chat in Screenshot)


ruben2005c Edit

I was given another opportunity to get an eye, but was scammed by this guy. He took my blue ball behind my back and my sleigh and left. I told him numerous times that I was recording, but he didn't care.


File:Catching Another Scammer

Russelpaler0 Edit

Says he sells axes or wood, then after you send the money to him he says wrong send, you scammed him. His money was 123K, I gave him 3K for the End Times Wood axe, It was 126K, then he said it was a wrong send.


RyanZ234 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot10242016 213714869.png

Promised a fire axe for six pieces of blue wood; left after receiving the wood.

Ricardo12Wek ===

Scammed Noob37777 right in front of me. If you have good stuff he asks for you to team with him and asks right away to whitelist him. Once you do he steals your valuable stuff from you base and leaves. He scammed my brother: Efrainh


S Edit

SamirTalovic Edit

He tricked a new player into stealing his sawmill, dupes land, and also tries to lie about him stealing anything when he admitted it.



He said he was selling fire axe for 4k, i did the 50/50 trick, and when i sent the 2k, he blacklisted me.


SSupersheep Edit

Scammed me out of 125k



He Says That i will get a whole spook wood truck for 122k, and when i send the money, he leaves the game, Witnesses: Cookies0for0briley. Video:


He said he will pay me 6.5k for a truckload and a small trailer full of fire wood. I gave him most of the red wood for half then he gave me 3.3k then I gave him the rest of the lava wood for the rest of the money, then he tried to kill me by driving me off the island then he only gave me 2k. I told him he underpayed me, then he kept declining then left the server. evidence is below NOTE: I recorded up to when he gave me the 2k because I thought he gave all.



He scammed a friend of mine who paid him 25k for a truck of palm wood. SatanMaster01 never gave him the wood, it was not on guests' base. He later admitted to it by saying I had a point (when I told him he scammed people in the server) I took videos. (My friend took a video of when he sent him the money, but he does not have youtube... I will see if we can get that video on my youtube somehow.),,


Dumb kid that has no idea what scamming is. Decided to put wood in my truck full of cavecrawler logs and block the dock. He gets mad after I bypass his trap and ends up glitching out my trucks and pushing wood off of my base.

Video: (sorry for bad quality, his name is in orange)

Sbdfifa018 Edit

Scammed me out of about 6k, he was trying to get me to buy an alpha axe and after I had paid the money, he took the axe from in front of me, when I asked where the axe went, he started laughing and basically mocking me.

Video evidence:

Link to their profile:


Says to whitelist first when buying axes and then steals it and leaves.


schutter12 Edit

He friends people and then steals from them and after that he lies to his friend, Atxbiscuit. When met in server, he acts like nothing happened.


ScetNaRgE95 Edit

Scammed me, pumpkin for fire axe, he told me he wasn't a scammer (he lied), then after i whitelisted him so he could get axe, he dragged his pumpkin back to his base and left.

File:Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 18.48.27.png


Link to profile


Joined the server and kept asking me to trade with him, when I went to his base, it was really messy. I didn't witness any of the scams, but a messy base with everything valuable (and no money) indicates he is a scammer.

File:RobloxScreenShot07032016 020310-851.png

Link to his profile :



He is scam my money 1m


Sergiothekillerxd Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot11202016 125822939.png

Scammed me out of 10k for some coal. I took a screenshot of what he said.

SGP26BlazerXXX Edit

I, AW_Dude have been scammed by Blazer. I agreed to give him 500k if he gave me 4 eyeballs in return. Once I gave him the money, he drove to his base and left the game..Luckily I recorded us trading. (Sorry for low quality of video, bandicam was being stupid.)


I would like my 500k back, since it took me a long time to get it.

Sincerely, AW_Dude


Offered a player an Alpha Axe for 2,000. Has poor English and screws up the transaction and leaves.



File:RobloxScreenShot08292016 183942084.png

I was looking to buy a Red Ball. This guy had one, and offered it for 15k. Me, having nearly 200k, didn't really care if I got scammed or not. I was hoping I wasn't but it seemed I was wrong. Please don't buy anything from this guy, unless you have enough money to take a hit. Evidence is in the attached picture (In Chat).


File:RobloxScreenShot11062016 221132-192.png

Scammed a person in front of me admitted to it and even said "I got all my money from scamming people"


He asked to work for me. Then stole my painting and almost stole my pink truck, gold wood, and Cavecrawler Wood.

Evidence (He admits to what he does):


I gave him 2k for palm wood, but he didn't gave me and stole my lava wood.



File:Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.07.03 PM.png

Tries to sell you fake palm wood, she claims it's palm, but it's really snow.

Slayers555 Edit

Scammed a user of a End Times axe... Sorry for the GUI hiding the actuall footage, but as you can see, it was not there like at the start of the video



I needed 20k from a friend that I let him borrow, he gave it to the wrong person. The person left. I followed him and offered him all my axes he said no and said " I never got 20k " a week later I see him with 14k and ask him if he can give it back. He said " I gave it back but you left exactly when I gave the money"



He will be friendly at first but once you got something hard to get he'll steal it and says you scammed him He stole my palm wood!


SNPR Scopes (Xbox One) Edit

I bought 2 end times axes from him for 10k and he tried to act innocent saying "What money" and "What axes" and he also said "Look at how much I have" after I gave him the 10k because he only had around $200, but I noticed a nice new sawmill in his land. It's pretty sad that so many people do this.

He seems to have scammed a lot of people in the past because it is obvious he is a new player because he had the cheapest saw mill, the cheapest truck and only a few sections of land and nothing else except for about 8 endgame axes just laying in a pile and also a chop saw possibly from previous scams as well. Why a bunch of endgame axes and not that much else?





He scammed a guy, not me. He stole 130k from him. The deal was 130k LT2 money for robux. At the end was just a scam.

Edit: He also scammed me (Riobear1), he was a friend of mine and he got jealous and stole an alpha axe box I had payed 30k for and then opened it. I noticed he had a lot of money.



Scammed me for a fire axe 5k lost. luckily I got it on Record



Tried to buy Sinister wood from him. Gave him money and he logged off.



She scammed my friend 60k for a eye and then just took the eye and walked back to his base and left the game .



File:Proof of scamming.png

Claimed that he would return a trailer after "accidentally" taking it. He then proceeded to take a second trailer and leave the game.



I was working together with him and then he stole one of my 531 spawn points, refused to give it back. Then he bragged about how he was off to scam someone else. Worst kind of player, arrogant scammer.



A scammer who will ask to buy your wood, once whitelisted claims all of it and says,

"reload ur plot." NOTE, he did a "how to scam" tutorial

Evidence :

StarMarineGurshaan Edit

EDITED TO REMOVE PROFANITY - Ok, so this piece of CENSORED scammed me out of $25,000 after I was trying to buy three bold and brash paintings for my shop I was working on. He offered me 3 of them for $25,000. Then I asked him to drop it in my base, blacklisted him, and paid him what he ask for. I was told that he whitelisted me and I found the clue that he whitelisted me quickly. He suddenly then unwhitelisted me quickly before I can even reload with the paintings. After I loaded with only ~$4,000, he then took the paintings back to his CENSORED base and left. I am so CENSORED CENSORED at this 5-year old kid. This is the 3rd time I've been scammed while on tape.



Will ask to pay first and will take the item and run away



He offered Fire Axe for 3000. Brought axe out in front of the shop. After paid, he picked up the axe and exited the game.



He brings the items near your base, then asks for whatever amount of money for the item, and then he quickly said that he will bring the item to his truck so it's easier. When he quickly went to his base, he puts down the item and leaves the game.


snpier201 Edit

Was just going to buy spook wood from him but he just pretend I didn't send him any money at all even though I sent him like 15k.

Evidence: [6] [7]


Used to be a friend of bunnyfilms. He tried to steal an eyeball boxed from me. I caught it all on tape

svgcy Edit

Scammed me out of 50k.


SkyLieGtLV Edit

Asked me for a donation and i gave him 14k; 7k as a donation and 7k for a ruki axe.

He bailed and never returned the 7k.



i bought (tried to anyways) a fire axe in a box after i paid her she said she would refund me and she didnt heres my evidence

File:Roblox lumber tycoon 2 scam

T Edit

ThunderTase Edit

Scammed me 30k for an unboxed fire axe, when i sent him the money, he left immediatly

Scammer thundertase


He scammed me 20k by telling me he would give me 20 axes then left and had his friend make a lie to say he wasn't scamming, his computer had broke.



He told me to give him 2k to whitelist me and my friend when I gave him the 2k he didn't whitelist me and said to give him another 2k when I did he left the game



he scammed me by saying the sinister wood we were trading was 2 pieces of blue wood. I gave him the wood and he said give me a pumpkin head for a deal. I asked for other items i could get with the wood I gave him then he said give me a pumpkin head for something. I asked for my wood back and he told me to give him a pumpkin head.



Was a simple trade. 3k for an alpha axe. I give him the money and he takes it and leaves. Nothing much to tell as this is a classic scam.


thedemon543 is a classic scammer that will try to take your axes. He is very confident and very experienced in this domain. Once you get into a talk with him, he'll try to steal your axes! There's no doubt this guy is a serious threat to the community of Lumber Tycoon 2. As his "work" is very dirty, you'll only have to lose in a trade with him. Avoid him at all cost!

Evidence 1:

Evidence 2:


File:RobloxScreenShot06202016 181029306.png

Joined the server and starts telling people how poor they are and how how good he is, then put logs in my pink truck to trap it and made it flip, then started laughing he then proceeded to continue trapping the cars in my base before I black listed him. He claimed he was friends with an admin and that made it alright for him to trash cars.

The_NoobGuys Edit

The_NoobGuys is an axe scammer. I asked if anyone was selling Fire Axes and he replied saying that he


would for 15k. After stalling for about 10 minutes he told me to come over to his base. I came over there and he had the Fire Axe laying out. I transferred the money and a few seconds later he said "wait" then disappeared into thin air. I saw him trying to sell stuff to someone earlier so I'm sure this isn't the first time he's scammed.

After he scammed me, he removed me from his friends list and blocked me.

thehackermark2 Edit

He hacked my friend, KodyTheObey for a Rukiry Axe for 4.5k money, then he started to mock my friend. I didn't have all the chat but I was able to screenshot the part right before the scam.

File:RobloxScreenShot01022017 210355316.jpg

theofficial10 Edit

Has an entire shop made out, just to scam. Makes you pay, then blacklists you. he then leaves from the server


TheLeader88 Edit

He was offereing me spooky wood for a couple gifts that was given to me and a pumpkin and 50k when i tried to collect on it he changed his mind and decided that he didnt need any of the stuff he already had and the stuff i give him tried to get me to give him another 25k on top of what i give him and i was the stupid one and give him 10k to get the stuff and he left


TheTruthfulLama Edit

This guy scammed my friend for 10k, saying that he will sell 4 Alpha Axes for 10k. He did the grab & leave trick.

Evidence: < Right after he left < Me trying to calm the victim down < The victim gets frustrated about getting scammed.

File:RobloxScreenShot12232016 074947590.png

THMGaming Edit

Scammed me for 6K when I paid him for some pieces of Cavecrawler wood. He had the pieces in his truck, after I paid him he said "thx bye" and left the game. His base looked like it might've had some duped items


Tinhbadao147 Edit

This person is a duper, scammer, troll and steals from people. He also works with a user called hihi1419.


Tiagoestrela Edit

Scammed me for 2K, I paid the money first. He then took the fire axe from in front of me and walked off. Upon asking where the axe that I had paid for was, he stated that he was a 'thief' and refused to give me what I had paid him for.


Toooga Edit

I was selling him 2 spook wood for 15k each. The first plank I sold him he payed for, but when I gave him the second he left the game without paying.


Sorry I should have started recording earlier to get the whole conversation, but I got the important part of him scamming.

tomswag54321 Edit

Me and tom had been friends for awhile when he wanted to buy a boxed eye from me that I bought during the Halloween update. I had no other use for the eye so I said I'll give it to him for 150k. he said he would pay once I put it on his base (I had suspitions that he would scam me but we had been friends do I did it anyway) Once on his base he blacklisted me and saying that he scammed me in the chat. later I became laggy and lost connection to the game so I left and the eye was deleted. I am very upset at this and I please ask that you do something. I understand that others have been scammed by the same person. This isn't the first time he has done this. evidence:

tomswag54321 Edit

Was selling five Happy Red Gift of Fun presents for 50k. He took it on to his base and reloaded before paying. He soon left the game without paying any money. Before he scammed me, he kept saying that he would put it on his base before paying. He placed all five on his base, reloaded, and kept saying 'lol'.

File:Proof that tomswag54321 Scammed me on Lumber Tycoon 2


TMCPlayzzz Edit

We were doing a deal, he stole my pink truck and when I asked for palm woods in return he was only going to give me one piece of palm which was not the deal. He then blacklisted me and left the game with my pink truck.


Tristain02503 Edit

He told me he would sell me his entire shop for only 200k. After sending the money, he left the game with the money.

edivence :

TroyTheShooter Edit

BEWARE! This user claims to sell axes, pumpkins, and gifts (For some reason, he also sells toilets). He also has a nice looking shop with end times doors set up just for scamming. I paid 12k for a Alpha and End Times Axe. He asks for the money again. I told him I already gave him. He then said "oh lol" Then he reloads his base, with the money. And says "peace out". He then leaves the server. I didn't really react to this much. But it's worth the alert.


Tycho55 Edit

This guy was using me as a "friend". He also mentioned that he was friends with GamingProgrammer, so I tried to trust him, I guess I was stupid.


TylerRocks2005599 Edit

Joined the server, and tried selling axes for quite low prices. (Red Flag) After, we ended up going between each other's bases for random things such as valuable woods, axes, etc. I went along with it, and he ended up getting ~$15-$20k from my funds. I gave him some "Cavecrawler" wood, along with that cash, then he just left. If you do end up seeing this person, do not even talk to him. He may seem to run a fairly legitimate operation, but do not be fooled as he will make you just absolutely waste any money that you may have.


TheLatvietisRobis Edit

This guy told me that he needed to sell Ruki axe for 4k. I said I was recording in case of a scam, but he didn't care.


TYTHiButt Edit

Scammed me for a end times axe for 2k. Later claims to have "hid" the axe.


Tamnguyen1883 Edit

He said he was selling eye for 90k, I took a long time until I agreed but then when I sent him the 90k he didn't give me the eye. Another person even said he was a scammer.


TheReaper2288 Edit

He said wanna buy this bold and brash painting? i said sure he said pay me 650k so i did then he proceeded to say wait no pay me another 400k so my dumb self did pay him 400k more then he said 800k more which would have been all my money so i said your trying to scam me and he said AHAHAHAH then left


U Edit

United InChairmansEdit

He gets scammed but if your are his friend and have such things as: Sawmax 02-01,Big utility truck,Alpha boxes,etc. He will steal them.


ugodown45 Edit

Scammed me of 475k. Trying to buy an eye, I made him come to my base and when I payed for it he tried running.I had the blacklist menu up just in case he tried running.He ended up giving my money back because I didn't un-blacklist him until he gave my money back. --AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS-- He has a nice looking shop set up just for scamming.

The video and screen shot is very clear and quick to the point.

Video evidence -

ScreenShot of him admitting to it -


is an Xbox Player as he scammed someone for alpha axe as he wanted alpha axe for 10k and then the player gave to jim alpha axe and UnityWolfXD scammed him not giving him 10k there's no evidence for this but i guess you can ask MatMicMar for evidence.

V Edit

Vertouso Edit

File:Roblox Scammer-0

Scams me for 4k, I was testing him so I decided to pay him 4k because he showed alpha and fire axes which he probably duped. The video is my evidence.

Vliegende_BIG Edit

Scammed me for a beta axe,he offered me a bold and brash for one of my boxed betas, I gave it to him and he reloaded then 'crashed' when he was going to get the painting, unfriended me and didnt rejoin. Do not trust him. evidence:

VlnhPe roEdit

Sells axes, does nothing and ignores you, then when you send the money he picks up the axe and leaves


Vortex_Takedown Edit

Avoid! He will seem friendly at first but when you buy he acts like hes afk and leaves. I tried to buy a pink from him and told me I can get a free axe with it. He told me to get into a room and killed me with a trap! He purposely lags is game so it looks like hes afk. Then when you wait he leaves. *Scammed for 20k for pink trailer and took my axes* (Has an alt which is Vortexalpha)

UPDATE: Has scammed multiple people! Avoid buying from him at all costs!


vtrxyahya Edit

Bought electric wood from him for 4K, he came to base and said to whitelist him to give electric wood, after whitelist him, he stole 2 fire axes, 1 ruikyaxe, 1 beta axe, and destroyed everything else.
Val's All-Purpose Hauler spawner. Luckily I could un-whitelist him before he can destroy sawmax2. After recorded video, he asks 2K for axe. Don't trust him now and eventually he will blacklist you.

W Edit


He was selling Eyeballs for 100K each. I gave hime 400K as agreed on. He then demanded 100K more or would not whitelist me. When I told him no he placed the Eyeballs back on his base, blacklisted me and refused to give them to me or my money back. Before he left he said "Thanks for the 400K."                    
File:RobloxScreenShot11212016 235724-871.png

File:RobloxScreenShot11222016 000609227.png


File:Scammer 3.JPG

Attempting to scam me and about to scam another player when I told the other player he is a scammer.

Evidence:The Pic

Wesab01 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot05262016 185407-988.png
File:RobloxScreenShot05262016 183408-913.png

Asked repeatedly if I wanted to buy a "Red Axe" so I followed it up and once the transfer was complete he picked up the axe and then blacklisted me. Using a "7k" to "3k" technique I was interested so I gave him the money and was then blacklisted. This lost me 3000 and my car which at the time is full of wood.

wes52275222 Edit

Openly admits to scamming people eyes.


westernboy123456 Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot10292016 183336-485.png

Scammed me out of 2k for supposedly selling an alpha axe.

Whatupbez Edit

Scams gifts/items out of players for limiteds.

Evidence: ttps://

williamk14 Edit

Scammed motblock3 out of 50,000, saying he would give him 1,000,000. (Not screenshotted)

File:RobloxScreenShot06032016 112437194.png

Also said that he would get the money via scamming, and admitted to scamming to get what he has. (Screenshotted)

Also said that he was an Alpha Tester, and the first one to play, and that if motblock3 didn't pay he would get Defaultio to Perma-Ban him. (His profile creation date is 2013) (Not screenshotted)

Was a long-time friend of motblock3, and gained his trust, just to explode it to bits. (williamk14 is shown as a friend in the screenshot)

Wizzgamer100 Edit

He scammed me with his "friend" JakeTheLumber becouse i transferred jake the 15k but then Jake whitelisted wizzgamer so he could pick up the axes and Jake said he "hacked them" while they were in a skype converation with each other and i didnt get whitelisted at all so wizzgamer picked up the axes so i didnt get them (later i gained his trust and he gave me his skype and the skype of Jake i ll post the conversations of both if needed



[ This user has been removed ]

Williamrain Edit

Me and my friend bought 6 yellow heads and 6 red balls for 12k, 500 each. then we put them in the truck and tried to go to our base but the truck glitched and when we got everything on the truck and we were about to leave he said my end times axe is gone i lost it because of you then he removed us from his whitelist and reloaded his base and said we are assholes i didnt record most of it but this should be enough proof


And here is the video :

X Edit

xXAlpha_EliteXx Edit

Tried to sell eyes to him, said he wouldn't pay unless I gave him the eyes ( wanted to buy 12) so i decided to only give him half waited for him to reload and pay back. He reloaded and I told him to send me half of the price of the eyes (which was 240k) but he just blacklisted me and left.

File:EJwNy1sKwyAQQNG9uAAdHV NMpoFFGvEBJJM0AkUSvde4X4duF9xt11MYmW--qTUsvVMbZGdqaVaZCWqe0nX1mWmQyXmlNejnNyVCThCiA4sPrSPZpAD1OCsd8ZhjBHUk947febcSjnnlRi0iQZ0eOmA1ozTy-us4vcHFLIp-w.png

xXBunnyFilms1Xx Edit

This guy scammed 60k out of me for an eye and called himself a friend of Defaultio. He keeps saying that and continue to call me a scammer when all I wanted is to buy an eye. He also offered me all of his eye(6?) for all of my money. I said I only wanted 1.


xXDankDoodleXx Edit

Admitted to being a scammer on xbox, was trying to scam someone by the end times eye. Also admitted that he scams with his buddy for being "Poor". Although nobody got scammed, the scammer admitted that he does scam. (I was not the one playing in the server, all credit goes to the video creator.)


xXSmasherX Edit

Scammed 16k. I bought 2 bold and brash from him. I told him to bring to my base. He then goes back to his base with the paintings even though I gave him the money. His friend also threatens him that she will unfriend him.


xXStarry_GirlXx Edit

Works with xdmar59. She tried to help him scam Repilee by saying that they traded with Robux before. Scroll up to that scammer (major threats) for more details including proof.

XthedogerX Edit

I bought a pumpkin head from him for 7k, I sent the money then he took the pumpkin back to his base and blacklisted me. He left 1 minute after. I joined him where he scammed another person the same way. Evidence:Screenshot

xaxalaanh13 Edit

just was playing for a bit and then went to his base because everyone was going to his base and he was selling stuff for good prices and scammed 2 people me (Reesetrain44) and megapup10(not a scammer and sold i fire axe to later) for 8k and megapup also 8k 16k scammed


XTheSabreGamerX Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot04022016 163512446.png

He scammed 20k for gifts.

xTopSpinx Edit

Offers to sell rare wood for cheap, but then tries to pretend to have some sort of 'seller's remorse'. Won't pay you back for the wood, and will attempt to wait for you to leave the server if you still haven't fallen for his act. May attempt to get a friend to join to get his wood back for him (unconfirmed, blacklisted his friends before they could get onto my plot if they were even going to try).

File:Proof of scam

Video (doesn't show the initial happenings but does have a fair bit of the chat we exchanged):

Xxandrewxx7 Edit

Wanted to buy some axes from him, which equaled out to 33k, and I paid him, he pick the axes up and left


XXitsjustaprankXX Edit

Tries selling you an alpha axe for 11k then leaves.


xxxBEN11xxx Edit

File:RobloxScreenShot07232016 155409433.png

Sold my friend some spook wood for 25k then left the server after receiving the money without giving the spook wood.

xXxGamingCreeperxXx Edit

AKA creepercompany4. Scams players, glitches cars, trash talks. Stay away from him or else he will mess up your base. Make sure you blacklist him right when he joins the game.


2nd scammer within 30 minutes wow! didn't agree to pay the full price for these axes, asked 7.2k he gave me 6.9k



Scammed Futurecrown. When item to be purchased was placed on his base, he immediately blacklisted the seller and paid 4k of the 10k for the item.



Befreinds you and later scams you he scammed me off of 8 axes.



Seemed to be a good deal at first with me giving him 2 small pieces of phantom wood for 2 sweet gifts but I forgot to put him off whitelist. He takes advantage by stealing one of my acceptable gifts and a large piece of spook, says, "oops sorry", then leaves. Don't trust him, he may prove a good deal but if you forget to unwhitelist might put a few other things on his cart. I'm so pissed.

Evidence:  [Click Me to Watch!]

xXx6LUMBER6xXx (Red)

I sent him 100k and then he says that the whitelist doesn't work and that he will try again and then he left. He sounded like a small kid so I sent him the money first. Here is proof (click the arrow to watch or copy and paste this link sorry about the quality [8]Template:Image set

Y Edit

yyyyyty6ytgbv Edit

I wanted to buy an end times axe. He said 10k for it. I payed him. Then he said where is my 4k? I payed him. He said you didn't pay me. So I ask him to white list me for the axe. He offers me another axe. I payed him 10k. He said where is my 4k. Then left...


yxCarsonxy Edit


Sells axes and scams them and states: "I scammed ya" without showing anything and being 100 honest about scamming and does nothing. Also! Claims to dupe axes and 'sell'(scam) them for 3k Evidence:


File:You want me to whiteist you - HA.JPG

Constantly spammed to be donated to, then when I ignored him, asked me to whitelist him under the excuse that "I thoughdt I needed to be whitelisted to be donated to!" He later accidentally let me know he was after my lightning wood when I said "You tried to steal my stuff, why would I take you off the blacklist?" and he replied with "I WASN'T TRYING TO STEAL YOUR BLUE WOOD."

YTDautYT Edit

Sells me a pumpkin for 25k. After I sent him the money he went back to his base and left.


YouKnow12st Edit

She's scammed me by selling me a gift for 110k. After I have sent the money she goes to her truck and gift. Then she reloads and leaves the server.


Adding an other photo of his property

yuka321 Edit

He scammed me 12k for an alpha axe,i told him he was being recorded but he still scammed me


yunball22 Edit

he is a serious duper, and he scammed me 5k


yunpatay11 Edit

my friend got scammed

vid here

Z Edit


I joined a game and asked to purchase an eyeball from him and he told me the price was 15k. It sounded too good to be true (sadly it was) but as I have over a million in game money I decided to take the the risk. After I sent him the 15k he took the eyeball back to his base and then blacklisted me before leaving the game. I want to make people aware not to trust this person especially if you don't have a lot of money and don't want too risk losing it. After a back and forth of a few messages where I notified him I would be adding him to this list he simply said "I don't care I'm going to scam more idiots like you" Beware of this player he plays on the Xbox One.

Evidence -

Zombieboy623 Edit

Sold a coal gift to my friend for 50k. First time he says he lags and returns the money. Then later you send the money again and then he leaves.


ZshvrtZ Edit

Was trying to buy spook wood for 20k, but he left.



Promised to pay but eventually blacklisted me while i'm carrying mini-truck of blue wood in his base . Hopefully some of my friends are in the same server and we stole my wood from him . He has 2 million+ money probably got from scamming other people

Proof :


i was buying some modded/glitched end times wood for 1 million and he left the game once he put it in his car

Notable Scamming Methods Edit

  • If you try to sell a pink car and scammer asks you to park car in their base.
  • Asking you to go to their base to get an axe.
  • Asks you to go get lava wood with them, and then says "I forgot my axe". Then goes to your base and steals your stuff.
  • Telling you to whitelist them for "help". This is one of the most obvious methods of scamming, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
  • Saying they don't scam when CLEARLY they did.
  • Pretending to be your friend to gain your trust...and then smashing it to bits.
  • Asks you to pay first, keeps item then quits.
  • They may have an uncommonly large item collection. (note that some players did get these items without scamming)
  • Their base is messy and contains little or no blueprints or furniture and consists mainly of important in:
    File:RobloxScreenShot02022017 124248543.png
    game items randomly placed, like Sawmax02s, Val's Haulers, and 531 Haulers. It may also contain duped axes or sawmill towers (Sawmax02,Shabby sawmills itc..). They probably used the whitelist help scam (stealing sawmills or car spawners from people).
  • Blacklisting you when conducting a trade.
  • Pretends to have lost items due to losing connection before paying, blames on seller.
  • Try not to get inside buildings with doors because if you do, sometimes the owner of his/her base will trap you inside.
  • Asking you to go with them for electric wood and after you have it telling you to go through the safari hole because "it's a shortcut". Then stealing the wood.
  • 2017 Winter Games Event: When someone wants to help you fill the meter, the scammer fills up the last piece, then he gets the reward, and you need to start again.
  • Says that they have been scammed a lot of times before and then saying that you should trust them because they would never scam anyone.
  • The main scammer and the scammers scammer friend makes "fake" trades to each other on the server so that you think that they are nice people who trade with people regularly and who doesn't scam. (This one is hard to avoid since it seems real.)
  • The scammer would ask for most of your money, if not all your money.
  • Makes an offer to sell a small amount of rare wood, (Palm, Glow, Spook, etc...) to gain your trust, may also try to solidify this trust by using another method as seen above. Then uses a 3rd different method to scam you.
  • Some scammers don't have any in-game shops, this is not always true but can be a clue
  • Scammers will ask you to buy something, instead of you asking to buy something. This is also not always true but look out for it
  • They would ask you to bring the item to their base and after you put the item down they will blacklist you and ask for the item.
  • This ones a bit funny but... you pay the money they bring the item in a car for whatever reason, axe, gift, anything. They drop the item on your base, you pay the money then they don't whitelist you so if you blacklist them they leave their truck within space and they say "unblacklist me, I just need to get my truck" then they take the item and the truck back to their base and leave.
  • Most scammers have very unintelligent grammar, for example: "alpha axe 7k give" or "[item] pay [price] axe i give or, FIRE AXE 4K GIVE. Also they sometimes use caps lock. Most scammers also type very slow. Not all scammers have unintelligent grammar, but most do, so note that and please watch out for that! [please read, I am a lumber tycoon 2 player, I have not gotten scammed, but I have seen my friends get scammed, I have never been scammed on any game anywhere or anytime in my life, but I do know what a scammer will do.
  • Some scammers say that there's an easter egg in the game, that they gotta whitelist somebody and also blacklist him (they say to blacklist to he think its not a scam as he cant get into his base), and then he says to turn of the sound and use first person so face a wall for a few seconds, then they place a dynamite behind you (you cant hear because of no sound) and before you notice and unwhitelist him, he will take any valuable item with you.
  • Scammers tend to use strong words to sometimes ' force ' into paying first so they can scam you, for example : They normally, instead of saying like ' give item first or no deal ' or ' I dont accept the trade if itsme first ' they use frases like ' Money first or NOTHING ' To make the people regret on not making the deal and thinking about only losing time trying to deal with him and they fall in their trick.
  • Player asks to go Palm wood with them after you pay and if you say no they will leave the game with your money.
  • Somehow scammers trick people by doing this. The scammer would enter a server and use the command "/me" to trick people into believing that they are game admins, would say they would give you millions of cash, a gold axe, even say they would give you admin powers.
  • Some people trick newbie players that have a lot of logs that dont fit in their sawmill, by saying then to mill it on HIS base instead. And many newbies does not know that the ownership of wood will be transfered if it goes trought the sawmill of another player, and players that know about it may be tricked by the scammer after he claims he WILL whitelist you after the wood is milled.
  • Add more above here. continue using bullet list.

How to avoid getting scammed Edit

  • When selling/buying items do the deal on the grass so that one person cannot easily blacklist [and hold it for ransom] or reload thus stealing the item.
  • When selling items, do not give into the customers demands into making you give the item first, 95% of the time they steal the item and never pay [in my experience]. However, it doesn't mean there is the occasional person who is honest.
  • Start small, then buy big. This is a trust exercise, however it is important they don't know that, so whatever you do don't say "I want to buy this first" or "I want to start small", because if they know, they could trick you into thinking they are trustworthy.
  • If they ask to buy anything in robux, don't. It is ALWAYS a scam and it could get you banned from Roblox, not just LT2.
  • If they offer to sell you a golden axe, don't. It's ALWAYS a scam since you really couldn't get gold axe, can't get it at all, and will NEVER get it, ever.
  • Always record, if you record, they know their reputation is on the line and the world can see. Also, it acts as an insurance policy in case a glitch happens.
  • Observe how the seller or buyer treats you. The honest and willing buyers/sellers are often submissive, flexible, polite, and are empathetic. Scammers and thieves however are often bossy, lacking of sympathy, and demand their way by backing up with lies instead of legitimate reasons - [ EX: "I want to buy all items, I can only send money one time. ", this is false because you can send money multiple times, just got to wait the delay, and they want all the items to steal. This is an actual scam I fell victim to.]
  • If they tell you that they would pay later or tomorrow, they are scamming.
  • IF YOU ARE A TRADER : Trade outside of your base, and blacklist them,so they cant take your stuff when you whitelist them (I am one,I use this strategy and never get scammed).
  • If scammer traps you in a building, A: you either do the infamous Mad Games physics get through a wall glitch, or B: you reload your base and reset, or C: Leave the game.
  • Pay 50%, maybe even a third of the price they're asking, and then ask for the item first. After you get the item, pay the rest of the money.
  • Don't get into an argument. If they try to argue, just leave. ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE WHITELISTED.
  • When working with other players chopping wood or trading items, you can both whitelist and blacklist them. This allows them to access your vehicles, chop/grab your logs, turn in planks from your mill, or pick up things you drop. This prevents them from entering your plot so it prevents theft of items. This is also a valuable tactic if you are working together and you need to leave your plot for any reason and they won't leave.
  • Don't buy things from vendors too often.
  • Ask to see the item right in front of you before you even think about buying it.
  • Find players that you trust not to scam you.
  • If the other player seems to drive away, or between your base and their base, IMMEDIATELY un-whitelist them and blacklist them when they are NOT on your base. If they are, blacklisting them could make their truck glitch, possibly scattering your items.
  • Be careful even when trading with friends, as they could value your items over your friendship. Awesomebeastly08, Hkthebeast, and Trinxio got scammed by their friends.
  • Don't keep valuable axes on display when you have a stranger whitelisted.
  • If you see the whitelisted guy afk and see even one of your structure disappeared, remove them from whitelist immediately. As you can move structures to your place relatively quickly by just moving them and placing them.
  • If you have to be afk go to your base and start Roblox (or any other) recorder so if you get scammed you have proof.
  • When trading for planks, have the player giving you the planks pass them through one of your mills before paying. This ensures the planks are tagged with your name and not theirs.
  •  Don't trade things you are not willing to lose.
  •  If someone is trying to sell something to you, or someone's you know, check this page for a list of known scammers.
  •  If you notice a scammer warn all other players and ask them to blacklist the scammer. Call them out as a scammer, and make sure that people know that they are a scammer.
  •  If someone traps you to try and claim your axe load an empty file then reset your character to avoid losing your axe.
  •  When you have someone blacklisted, they may try to mess up your base by driving onto it, making their truck briefly glitch. This can scatter items, so if you see it, leave immediately to prevent your items from being glitched
  •  Just don't buy anything (EASIEST WAY TO AVOID BEING SCAMMED)
  •  When you are trading with a player make sure that you are not too close to their base with a rare item in your truck or they can blacklist you. Ask them to pay first and when you do put the item on their base.
  •  If somebody tells that will give more than the money you asked for the item ( example : you tell you are selling gifts for 30k but he says that will give 50k for it ) probably an scammer, why would somebody trash money for nothing ? this indicates hes a probable scammer unless if 2 people wants to buy 1 item, if the offer is like, 10k for spook wood and 2 people wants to buy it, of course, somebody will give more than the other person if they could.
  •  If you see a base with random (so not only valuable axes) axes around it (basic hatchet, silver axe, fire axe, etc.) it can possibly be a hacker that steals your axes and teleports your axes to his/her base. If you find a player like that on the scammer page with a pink marking, say the whole server that he/she a hacker is so that they report and then leave the server immediately before the hacker steals your axes.
  •  If you see an player with a default look / free look, check his ROBLOX profile and check if his account was created a short time ago. If it does, don't trade with him, maybe he is not a scammer but many create alt accounts for scamming so they don't lose reputation on their main.
  •  If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Don't take a deal that seems fishy because there's a 90% chance that it is.
  • If you're trying to trade with someone and they ask you to hurry up, don't trade with them. This is a very common way to scam and shows that the scammer is greedy. In Jackyliu009's experience, he was scammed by two scammers who demands to hurry up.
  • Be careful even when trading with people who has an in-game shop or trade hangout. Ugodown45 has a nice looking shop set up just for scamming.
  • If you're buying something, ask the seller to drive the product to your base, blacklist them, then pay what they asked for. Then wait for them to whitelist you thus making sure they can't get away before unblacklisting them.

If you believe that evidence on here is not reasonable proof and would like to see it and the name it relates to removed, you may submit a review application