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Neon wires are a type of wire, which, as the name suggests, give off a neon glow. They are thicker than regular wire and can stretch to 16 units in length, which is shorter than the 20 unit length of the regular wires. When they are deactivated, they will be black, similar to the normal wires. The wires will only give off light if they are activated by a power source (lever/s, button/s, pressure plate/s, laser/s, wood detectors/s).

There are eight available different colors of neon wires. The eight colors are White, Violet, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

Neon wires are obtained by buying them at the Link's Logic store over on the Tropics. The orange neon wire can be confused with the yellow neon wire due to its golden appeal and how the neon materials work. When working with neon wire, it is recommended to turn down your graphics setting to be able to see the ends of the wire. They are thicker than a regular wire for helping on making decoration signs with this. But it's not recommended for wiring systems for conveyors, elevators, and complex things because they will take all the space of another wire's end / Signal D/S or gates intersection part, possibly making you not able to place 2 at the same section. However, this can also be used for color-coding, which is really helpful for players.

While it is not recommended for use, it can also be used for color-coding, which is really helpful for players. For example you could have one blue wire attached to an AND Gate and the other red wire attached to the gate so that you can more easily keep track of things.

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Neon wires were added to the game on August 26th, 2016. They have been one of the only teaser photos made by Defaultio. Defaultio posted this teaser 11 hours before he added these Neon Wires to Lumber Tycoon 2. It is believed that Pink Neon Wire will be added to the game because a pink neon wire model can be found in the group owned by Defaultio Beyond The Limits.