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The Magenta Icicle Lights would most likely be just as any other Icicle Lights, used to light up an area or as a decoration. It goes with the same fate of the Pink Neon Wire.

Template:HeadingA The Magenta Icicle Lights was first found along with the other icicle lights in the models of the ROBLOX group Beyond The Limits (BTL for short).

When the Icicle Lights were released to the servers, the Magenta Icicle Lights for an unknown reason was nowhere to be found except for in the games files.

People speculated that the Magenta Icicle Lights would be added later on.

It is very unlikely that we will ever see the Magenta Icicle Lights be added to the public due to how much time has passed since the release of the Icicle Lights.

This has led some people to believe that pink, magenta or purple objects have a very low chance of being released in the future.


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