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Winter Games 2017Edit

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

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Find out about everything that's new and exciting with Lumber Tycoon 2!

Game NewsEdit

Winter Games is released for Lumber Tycoon 2! Get the winter games badge while you can!

- Icicle Lights are still obtainable at Fancy Furnishings!

Wiki NewsEdit

-Polls Updated - We have french language mirror.

- New Message Walls API call feature added to chat


Latest Discussions

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[22]Rebel5020• 9 hours agoBuying money with ROBUX !I need like 2 mil I can give like 70-140rs for all I naught be able to give more later on because I have rugular BCIn Buying02*Upvote

Reaidex• 11 hours agosell money and items500K 60R OR 1 M FOR 100 10 EYES 60R SPOOKY WOOD 1 PIECE 10R (BIG) SINIESTER WOOD 1 PIECE 10R(BIG)In Selling04*Upvote

Benettttt• 13 hours agoAnyone want to make a colab vidI have a yt channel where I post lt2 I was wondering if anyone wants to make a colab vid The things you must have to do this with me includeds: skipe or discord,also you must have a good sound quality so the recorder can hear your voice well, also you must have a yt channelIn General00*Upvote

[23]Evahn2311• 16 hours agoSelling Any stuff for robux14 R$ = 2 unboxed eye 14 R$= 1 boxed eye And 14 R$ = 3 any kind of axeIn Selling01*Upvote

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