This page is dedicated to the knowledge of slang and terms used by players to define or identify a place or thing, feel free to add to the total amount of slang and words put into this page.

LT2: Used to shorten "Lumber Tycoon 2" Into letters, to make spelling it quicker, "LT2" = "Lumber Tycoon 2"

Ruki Axe / Shark Axe: Used as another word and/or a shortening of Rukiryaxe, used mostly by owners of the axe, customers, shop owners, and the community.

White / Black (or WL / BL) somebody: Whitelist/Blacklist somebody.

End Times Wood / Crystal Wood / Abyss Wood / Ice Wood / End wood / Diamond wood: Used as another name slang for Phantom Wood in The Abyss.

Swamp Wood / Green / Shrek Wood: Used as a slang word for the Zombie Wood in The Swamp. (not to be confused with Gold Wood).

Orange Wood / Gold Wood / Cheese / French Fries: Used as another name for the Gold Wood in the The Swamp (not to be confused with Zombie Wood or Sinister wood ).

Glow wood: Used as another name for Sinister wood. (Not to be confused with Gold Wood in The Swamp or cavecrawler wood.)

Brown / Chocolate Wood / Poop: Used as another name for the Walnut Wood in Safari.

Chocolate Bar / Halloween / Spooky Wood: Used as the alternative name for Spook Wood.

Blue Wood / Maze Wood / Neon Wood / Electric Wood: Used as names for Cavecrawler Wood in The Maze.

Noob head / Bobble/Wobble: Name for Wobblebobble.

Red Wood / Fire Wood: Alternate name for Lava Wood.

Red Axe / Lava Axe: Alternate name for the Fire Axe .

Plug / Supplier: Someone who dupes axes or buys them for cheap and supplies a shop keeper with the items to sell.

Christmas Tree: used as another name for Confireous Wood at the Taiga Biome.

Christmas Lights: used as another name for Icicle Lights

Pink Axe / Purple Axe: Another name for Alpha Axe of Testing.

Coal Gift / Present: Another name for the Poorly Wrapped Gift From Bob.

Fire Gift / Present: Another name for the Fiery Gift of Lumber.

Red Gift / Present: Another name for the Happy Red Gift of Fun.

Noob Gift / Present: Another name for the Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty.