Template:Store Item The Lever activates wires connected to the Chop Saw and other things. It can be found at Wood R Us and Link's Logic. The Lever comes in a small light grey-blue box. It has a tan handle and a silver base. Wires must be connected to the black dot on the side to be used.

The Lever does pretty much what you would expect it to do. It is always either locked on On/Off. Because the Lever can be placed on walls and so can wires, it makes a great light switch or a Conveyor toggler.

The Lever can be connected to a Conveyor to loosen wood that got stuck in corners, which can save lots of time for bigger conveyor systems that need constant work getting wood through.

The Lever also introduced the new type "Switch" to it. The Wire has to touch the black circle at the bottom in for the wire to be activated.