The June Logic Update was a very large series of updates about wiring, logical electronics and art that occured during the Beta Testing Stage and after. The items and things Defaultio added are;

Fine Arts Shop Edit

The Fine Arts Shop was added on June 13th, 2016 and is a shop containing Paintings. The only paintings are: Title Unknown, Disturbed Painting and the Outdoor Watercolor Sketch. The Fine Arts Shop is located inside of the maze. The owner of the Fine Arts Shop is Timothy.

Timothy Edit

Timothy is the owner of the Fine Arts Shop.

Chop Saw Edit

The Chop Saw is a large saw that cuts logs and planks very quickly. It can also damage players when on. It can be continiously turned on if a lever is hooked up to it.

Silver Axe Edit

The Silver Axe is an axe that is around the speed of the Beta Axe. It was added as a replacement for the Beta Axe.

Link's Logic Edit

Links Logic is an electronics shop located in the Tropics Biome. It contains; Logic gates, Hatch, Signal Delays, multi colored wires and activators. The owner of the shop is Lincoln.

File:Links logic.PNG

Lincoln Edit

Lincoln is the owner of Link's Logic.