The Jingly Gift of Jingles was sold at Boxed Cars for $32,000 in-game Money. It is now no longer available to receive since December 25th. It was one of the first three 2016 gifts added on December 10th, the others being the Happy Blue Gift of Fun and the Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty. Inside is the Sleigh.

The price is significantly higher compared to all other 2015 and 2016 gifts, making this quite difficult to massively collect for an average player. The gift texture is from the ROBLOX gift "(Opened) Active Gift of Chill".

The bug with the sleigh has been fixed on new servers.

Scammer thundertase


The player was able to obtain the Jingly Gift of Jingles at Boxed Cars for $32,000 Money. In order to obtain the gift, the player had to ensure that they have the amount of money needed to purchase the gift. Once confirmed, the player must go to the Bridge and pay Seranok a fee of $100 Money. Once the player has crossed the bridge into the Safari, they must take the first right-hand branch in the road which leads to the Safari Shopping District.
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