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Icicle Lights are a type of wire that was added on November 25th, and are currently purchasable for $750 money at Fancy Furnishings, across the bridge in the Safari Biome. Icicle Lights come in 4 colors: amber, red, green, and blue. They are very commonly used to decorate bases or make even Christmas trees. There was supposedly a Magenta colored version of the lights but for some reason it was never added.

Template:HeadingA The main body is very thin and unlike wires and neon wires, includes wires coming down from the main wire when finish the icicle lights. Each strand of lights go in a zig-zag pattern

Even though they are great for Christmas decorating, they do not provide as much light compared to a neon wires, lamps, worklights, etc. They're very similar to wires; They are activated with a lever, button, or pressure plate. The icicle lights can be stretched as far as approximately 40 studs (double of that of wire), they are the longest wire in the game. These wires can be very effective as regular floor wiring as if you place them on a floor the lights clip into the ground making the wire look just like a white wire.


Template:HeadingA To get an icicle light, first you must pay Seranok $100 Money to get over the bridge. Then go to Fancy Furnishings and pick one of the icicle lights, then drag it over to the counter and purchase the icicle lights from Corey for $750.

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