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The Hardened Axe is the second best axe available in Wood R Us and it is sold for 550 Money. This axe is a generally good starter axe. Aesthetically, people may rate this as a unique design because of the turquoise band and shiny blade. Many use this as a substitute axe for dangerous attempts, such as glitching to the Sand Islands or traveling through the Volcano Obstacle.

  • 550 Money

This axe is only obtainable at the Wood R Us. It is located on the shelf behind the Wood Dropoff. There are usually 2 boxes on the shelf at a time.

To obtain this axe, simply drag to the counter (Click & Drag), and press "E" while the box is on the counter to buy it from Thom. Once bought, press "E" again on the axe to unbox it. Press "E" one more time in order to pick up the new axe.