Template:Wood New Gold Wood is a relatively rare wood type that is located in the Swamp. It's known for being very valuable, more so than Lava Wood. However, due to its location, it's very time-consuming to harvest. And even though the wood may be quite valuable, the logs tend to be quite thin.

Gold Wood can be seen growing near to Zombie Wood.

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This tree does not have any leaves; it is assumed that this tree is a dead tree, and many mistake this for the Zombie tree. Its exterior is that of Pine Wood and Fir Wood, carrying grey-brown. However, it is called gold wood because its interior holds a gold-like colour.

This tree doesn't grow very tall, and you can only get small limbs to sell and small planks. The plank is a deep orange, darker than the log.

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Please see Safari Mountain Passage for more details on this.

This wood is found in the Swamp and can be harvested the same way as Zombie Wood.

You can also use the Rock Bridge to get your truck to the Swamp, but be careful that the bridge will respawn after a period of time. Therefore not many people use this method.

An alternate way to get to the Swamp is making a long plank (planking,) and using it to climb the large rocks to go to the Swamp.

There are a few things that should be noted about this tree. One is that the tree is somewhat strong, and a Silver Axe or better is recommended to cut it. Second is that these trees have a large size fluctuation, meaning some trees are much smaller than others. Lastly, this tree has some very thin limbs. It is recommended to avoid taking these pieces as Vehicles are prone to glitching while hauling them.

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