The Fiery Gift of Lumber was a gift sold at Wood R Us for $14,400 for the extent of one week before Christmas. The exterior of the box has a "flaming" texture, along with a white ribbon. It is no longer available for purchase at Wood R Us. Once the player opens the box, they will be provided with a boxed Fire Axe. When this axe is used on any species of tree other than Lava Wood, it will provide a rate and speed comparable to that of any "beginners axe". This axe is easily capable of completely cutting down a Lava Tree from the surface within four to six swings.

This axe emits an orange-tinted fire effect from the blade that is best seen in good lighting conditions. One could use the fire effect from the axe to create a fireplace.

The gift was going to have a different texture which looked like the texture had the bombastic texture, this was later replaced for unknown reasons.

This gift has the same size as the 2016 Sweet Gift.

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