Fancy Furnishings, referred by some players as ' F.F ' is a furniture and glass store located in the Safari biome, across the Boxed Cars store. The owner of the store is Corey. The building is in good condition, unlike Bob's Shack. Fancy Furnishings has the largest diversity of items in the game. It is the largest artificial structure in the game. The store is located in the Safari plaza. Like Boxed Cars, this shop closes during the night and opens back up in the morning. The store clerk also appears to fall asleep inside the store. If the player stays long enough until the store closes, they will remain inside, though if they click 'E' on the door knob, the door will open. Once they exit, they will be kicked out until the store reopens.

The store is also similar to Wood R Us located to the Main Biome, however, this shop is specifically good as you do not have to use Blueprints to make furniture. However, some of the items may be costly. It is possible to quicken up shopping using a Utility Truck from Wood R Us and driving it into the store, stopping right in front of Corey.400px


Glass panesEdit

Name Price
Large glass pane $550
Glass pane $220
Small glass pane $50
Tiny glass pane $12
Glassdoor $720

Cabinet and Counter BlueprintsEdit

Name Price
Thin Cabinet $160
Kitchen Cabinet $160
Kitchen Cabinet Corner $160
Wide Kitchen Cabinet Corner  $160
Thin Countertop $220
Countertop with Sink $220


Name Price
Armchair $130
Loveseat $150
Couch $200
Floor Lamp $110
Lamp $90
Single Bed $250
Twin Bed $350
Refrigerator $310
Dishwasher $380
Stove $340
Wall Light $90
Floodlight $90
Toilet $90


Name  Price 
Lightbulb $2,600
Happy Red Gift of Fun* $500
Icicle Lights(4 Colors-Red, Green, Blue, and Amber)** $750
Happy Blue Gift of Fun*** $501
Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty*** $220

2015 Christmas Event (No longer for sale) *

2016 Winter Event **

2016 Christmas Event (No longer for sale) ***