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Overview Edit

The Fair Sawmill is the second tier sawmill in the game. It costs 1600 Money and can be purchased at Wood R Us. It is suitable for intermediate players, because it is not as expensive as the Sawmax sawmills, and can take in larger sized logs than the Shabby Sawmill. This sawmill quickly loses its functionality once the player begins collecting logs from the base of Koa, Elm, Lava, Gold, Walnut, Cavecrawler, and Phantom wood trees.

The Fair Sawmill is only 0.2 studs wider than the Shabby Sawmill, which is a minor upgrade. The Fair Sawmill can handle very small branches of Lava, Walnut Wood and small logs of most trees. It handles Cherry Wood, Birch Wood, Oak and most of the time Gold Wood and Zombie Wood trees. Small logs will easily fit into it. Some players will just skip directly to the Sawmax 02, as Sawmax 01 isn't much of a difference in money earnings and size.

In early versions of Beta, this was the first functional sawmill, because the Shabby Sawmill experienced bugs, and could not be used.