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This wood is the most common big tree to be found throughout Lumberland as it makes an appearance in all of the 3 biomes.

This tree is large and to the regular observer, Elm may appear to be one of the more expensive trees in the game. However, this is not the case, as Elm is the cheapest wood in the game, selling at $0.8 money per unit of log.

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Elm Wood is large, with giant dark green leaves.

Its logs look much similar to those of Pine Wood and Fir Wood. However, the plank turns a light tan or beige color when processed.

The tree grows quite wide and produces a large shadow when fully grown. Elm Trees also grow rather thick, similar to Lava Wood.

Planks of Elm Wood produce less money than Oak, although its logs are thicker than most trees.

This wood grows in most biomes, however, Elm does not usually grow in groups and are commonly found spread apart from each other. The logs are very heavy, being similar to Koa Wood.
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It is best to use a Val's All-Purpose Hauler to transport large amounts of this wood.

A Basic Hatchet can cut through the wood but it takes a lot of time. It is recommended to use a Hardened Axe or better. Typically, a Rukiryaxe or Silver Axe does the best job with harvesting Elm Wood. It is recommended to use a Chop Saw to cut the logs into smaller pieces (due to how Elm Tree logs are long and most of the time can't be processed due to the length). If you don't have a Chop Saw, it is recommended to cut most of the logs in half, to prevent it from not working in a sawmill.