Template:PersonCorey is the owner of the store Fancy Furnishings in the Safari Shopping District located across Boxed Cars. He sits behind an elongated counter, that counter being the longest in the game (presumably because of the large size of his products), behind the register. Corey wears a light blue T-Shirt, (arguably light green by others) with light green plaid. The shirt has orange sleeves and an orange bow-tie. He wears a yellow-orange banded top hat (like most other store-owners). He has a light skin color with the Robloxian 2.0 package and a constant, cheery smirk on his face. Corey is known to have a cheery attitude when the player buys an object from him and does not get depressed or angry like some others. He has the same dialogue as Thom; if you buy 1 of his items he'll say "Thank you!" and if you don't decide to buy it he'll say "Sorry m8". The same applies for Jenny, the owner of Boxed Cars and Thom, the owner of Wood R Us.

During night time hours, like Boxed Cars, Corey will close the shop and appear to rest behind the counter. Once daylight breaks again in the morning, Corey will stand up and the doors and lights will come on, leaving Boxed Cars to open later in the noon, after Fancy Furnishings has already opened.