Bob is the store owner of Bob's Shack.

Bob resides behind the rusty counter to the left of the entrance of Bob's Shack.

Bob is the only store owner that has the 1.0 package.

It is assumed that Bob is very poor, and sells random items to try to gain a profit even though we think he would be rich from the eyeball event. This would explain the shack's poor condition, or why his clothes are so different. Bob also seems to be the only store owner with a different face unlike every other store owner in Lumberland. Bob has a very impudent attitude, and snickers every time the player purchases an item. There are no current explanations for his personality. Unlike many other store owners, Bob does not close his shop or sleep.

Bob also claims to know you and that he is your friend.

There are theories developed about Bob. Bob is believed to be an "outcast" from the rest of the Lumber Tycoon 2 businesses, which would explain why his shop is so far away from most others. However Timothy similar to Bob owns his shop far away in The Maze. Some theories suggest that he also makes his own items to sell, which would explain why he is a major producer of event items. This includes the Poorly Wrapped Gift from Bob, the Pumpkin, the Dark Pumpkin, the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye, and the Acceptable Gift from Bob all of which are no longer purchasable from Bob.

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Bob wears Clockwork shades, a flowered Hawaiian T-shirt with a pocket, khaki pants, and black shoes.