The Beta Testing Stage was a testing stage post-Alpha, in which the primary color was Blue. The stage lasted from approximately September 2015 to June 2016. During this testing stage, the 531 Hauler, Spook and Sinister Wood, and the 2015 Christmas Gifts were added along with the Sand Islands, Ferry, Hoover, and the Tropics, which has Koa Wood and The Maze. Towards the end of the testing, the Fine Arts Shop was added.

Like the Alpha Testing Stage, this stage was intended to find and remove bugs/glitches in the game. It is complete as of 6/14/16.
File:Beta axe.png
The Beta Axe of Bosses has a decent performance. It has a fairly swift cut-rate making it an efficient axe for its cost. The Beta Axe is good for many of the tougher jobs, such as cutting lava wood, or other generally tough trees or wood types such as Koa Wood. The selling price of this axe among players can range in the thousands, due to it is now a collectible item. It was sold in Wood R Us for $1,100 money.