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The Basic Hatchet is the most common axe in the game. It is considered the "starter" axe for every player and is very slow in speed. The axe may take up to ten swings in order to completely perforate trees as minuscule as Oak Trees. It is dark grey in coloration and has the signature dark yellow band wrapping around the handle. Many use this to mark the path that was made when in the maze because it doesn't vanish. Its strong yellow color, when boxed, makes it easier to notice, making sure you will not miss it in a corner. It is also used in player "museums/shops"

Template:HeadingA The axe can be found and purchased at the Wood R Us store. It is the most common and cheapest axe in the game. It is located on the shelf nearest to the front desk.

Template:HeadingA Grab the Basic Hatchet box (click & drag) and bring it up to the cashier. Place it on the counter next to the cash register and talk to the cashier, you will need 12 money. (Press "E"). You will then receive a prompt which gives you a choice to either buy the axe or not.

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