All users on here may be removed without notice if they do not fulfill the tasks their position makes them responsible for or if there are other individuals more qualified to do their position. Moderators will lose their rank after 1 week of inactivity and administrators can lose their rank after 2 weeks of inactivity.

Wiki Administrators/Bureaucrats Edit

Admins are responsible for ensuring that the wiki functions smoothly. They have all the responsibilities and abilities that mods possess, and a few extras. These users are given access to modify essential JS and CSS coding on the wiki under the direction of Jerricks.

Avatar Username Roblox User Edits Time Zone
Template:Avatar Jerricks Jerricks 20 UTC -07:00
Template:Avatar Jac16king Jac16king 21 UTC -05:00
Template:Avatar Ender01 10Endersteve01 24 UTC -05:00
Template:Avatar Trainlover123123 Trainlover123123 31 UTC -05:00

Wiki Moderators Edit

Content Moderators are users who have additional tools available to moderate parts of the community that host the Wikia. These tools primarily enable them to help protect wiki pages from vandals. Rollbacks are responsible for undoing vandalism on wiki pages.

Discussion moderators are responsible for activity in all forum threads. They keep forums to be a safe place and can delete, edit, highlight threads, and lock threads.

Chat Moderators enforce the rules of the chat room. To keep chat respectful and age appropriate, they have the options to kick and ban users from the chat. They are in charge of keeping chat safe and clean.

Avatar Username Roblox User Edits Position(s) Time Zone
Template:Avatar UnikarnzMagik Unikarnz 2 Content
UTC -05:00
Template:Avatar Koolboat01 Koolboat01 63 Content
UTC -6:00
Template:Avatar 1011025m 1011025m 4 Chat UTC +08:00
Template:Avatar SgtPugsly thunderflail11 0 Chat UTC +00:00
Template:Avatar Panpoppular Panpoppular 0 Chat UTC +07:00
Template:Avatar Terence67 Terence_Co 3 Chat UTC +08:00
Template:Avatar Defaultio r Defaultio 0 Game Creator UTC -05:00

Rollback Edit

Rollback users main purpose is to quickly undo vandalism through the use of a special rollback feature which rollbacks all recent edits by one user back to an edit from someone else. Rollbacks also have the ability to edit wall messages and forum posts.

Avatar Username Roblox User Edits Time Zone
Template:Avatar Aiden AidenTfi 11 UTC +07:00?
(refuses to tell timezone)

Joining the Administration Team Edit

Here on the wiki, we are always looking for people who can help out here. Typically we expect that admins have an understanding of CSS and JS. However, people from all different levels of experience are welcome to become moderators. 

Steps to JoiningEdit

We try to keep the wiki as professional as possible and try to ensure that our admins are as well. Because of this, we have a number of steps usually required for an individual to become a fully fledged admin here. This helps filter out individuals who might not be devoted enough for the position or who lack characteristics we wish to see in admins.


The first step in the process is applying. You can apply here. Applications help us determine if we could use your help on the wiki and whether you would become a valuable asset to the wiki's community.

[NOTE: If you have not been a member of the wiki for at least 1 month and have under 100 edits your application will not be considered.]


If you have a well-written application and have contributed to the wiki significantly (100 plus edits minimum), then it is most likely you will be promoted to some form of moderator on the wiki.


Admins here on the wiki are chosen carefully and after much deliberation. Usually, they are picked from the moderators (there have been exceptions though).